The Not-Cute Shoe Purchase

Today I bought my first pair of real, professionally fitted by the RoadRunner Sports people, running shoes. Or as I like to call them, the I-Could-Have-Bought-the-Steve-Madden-Pumps-I-Wanted-but-I-Got-These-Instead shoes. The running pros determined I have ridiculously high arches and major over-pronation so they put me in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11’s.

Upon my decision to run the RNR Los Angeles (and my FIRST) Half Marathon in October, I decided the ol’ $49.99 Asics Crosstrainers from Kohls just weren’t going to cut it anymore. Oh yeah, and I also wanted to feel really hardcore and committed to this goal and the $100 for non-cute shoes kinda makes me feel like I can’t back out now.

I also got a sweet little pouch for my yet-to-be used Nike+ Sportwatch (Don’t judge, I had no where to put the sensor so I just haven’t tried it out yet). Check it out:

Planning to put a couple miles on these babies tomorrow. Here goes!!!!


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