Enough with this June Gloom

I just put the inaugural 4 miles on the new shoes. No ipod today. I’m finding that I focus on my breathing much better when I’m not listening to music. Some days I need it, today I went without it.

The good news is this foggy, blah weather we’re having is really nice for running. The bad news is it’s Saturday and I want to go to the beach, but the weather sucks. Ugh.

Last night I went out with a friend to Elephant Bar for Happy Hour. $27 total for drinks and dinner! You can’t really beat that 🙂 Then we hit up Target for some unnecessary retail therapy where I found these two awesome frames for $1.98 each!

I can’t wait to put them in the house that I don’t yet have. (Good news is I called Jas this morning and he was driving around looking at homes for sale. Yay!!)

Then I went to sleep way past my bedtime at 11PM, woke up this morning for some of this:

Did my 4-mile loop and now I have every reason to be lazy for the rest of the day since the weather sucks and I don’t feel like changing out of my workout clothes. Or showering.



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