Friday Nights and Lazy Saturdays

I live in one of those towns in So Cal that seems to cater to the 13 and under and 40 and older crowd. Lots of families, lots of strip malls, not a whole lot to do on the weekends when you’re 24 but don’t feel like making the trek to LA or even to the next town over that actually has bars besides TGIFridays.

Last night Jas and I went to this little restaurant/nighttime hangout (I cannot bring myself to call it a bar) with his sister and a couple of our friends.

I actually managed to change out of my yoga pants and look semi decent for this little outing.

Rocking my new knock-off Jimmy Choo Steve Maddens

Do me a favor and ignore the roots… my hair grows too fast and my wallet can’t keep up. I think it’s time to go back to dark hair.

Then I took a picture of Jason and his alien dog Trixy:

She will totally zap you with her laser eyes

Then, since I didn’t run yesterday I did a few bicep curls and burned some cals using my 5lb beer:

Matt, Jason's true love Casey, and his wife/my friend Jodi

Tiffany, Me, Jason Bieber

J looks very tired in that one, sorry love.

Then we went back to Jodi and Casey’s apartment where we watched Drunk History on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it, I very much encourage you to watch. If it had existed 10 years ago, I would have learned a lot more about history.

Ok, on to the running – I was super lazy this morning and slept til 10 and then it was just too darn hot. So tomorrow, I swear on this blog (and because once I write it, it has to be true or I look like a d-bag) tomorrow I will run 5 miles in the morning. Also, one of my favorite running bloggers, SkinnyRunner, is running a marathon in the SV tomorrow so I’m thinking I might have to go watch along the route at some point. I just ordered one of her amazing shirts that I plan to wear in the RnR LA Half in October. SO CUTE!


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