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Overcoming the Treadmill and the Boy Turns 24

A week between posts… I have not been a good blogger this week. Possibly because Bikram Yoga has been sucking away my energy and time during the week. The good news is, I can now get through the 90 minutes with only one or two small breaks where I feel like I might die. We’ve also discovered that the Wednesday and Thursday night teachers turn on the fans when we lay down between postures. LIFE SAVING!

In other news, I have had no energy to wake up and run before work and being the middle of July, it’s just too hot to run outside after work. The only logical solution was that I had to hit the treadmill at the gym. I have never ever ever  enjoyed running on the treadmill. In fact, I have a running list of things I hate about running on the treadmill:

1. Lack of scenery – 24 Hour Fitness seems to think that FOX News and Dr. Oz are all people want to watch on TV while they do cardio. (Anyone else find Dr. Oz to be incredibly creepy and borderline perverted?)

2. The smells – why do people think it is OK to smoke/layer on perfume or cologne/not wear deodorant before going to the gym and running in very close proximity to other people.

3. Music – When I run outside, I don’t listen to music. It helps me focus on my breathing which is the biggest thing working against me when I run. I like to hear each breath and make sure I maintain a steady breathing pace so I don’t get side cramps. At the gym though, it’s impossible for me to go without my iPod. I feel like having no iPod at the gym is an open invitation for creepy old guys and meatheads to talk to me while I’m actually there to work out and not socialize.

However, despite all my complete contempt of running on the treadmill, I really had no choice this week. So I am proud to say I ran 2 20-min 2-milers 2 times this week. It’s not much (but a lot of 2’s), but for me that’s a HUGE accomplishment. I can run a decent 10 minute and hold a steady pace for 3-4 miles outside, but usually on the treadmill I’m cramped up and sweating after the first 1/4 mile, so I’m going to call this one a success for the week. I also did Bikram twice and lost 1.5 lbs after each class – SCORE!

Finally, last week we celebrated J’s and his twin sister Tiffany’s birthday.

We went to a delicious BBQ restaurant for dinner with their parents and Kyle, where I consumed my weight in onion rings, beer, and a tri tip sandwich.

Then, on Friday, I took Jas out to our FAVORITE MOST AMAZING WONDERFUL restaurant on Earth, Lady Face Ale Companie. It’s a microbrewery with some seriously incredible beers and great food, with a super cool, laid back rustic vibe. Unfortunately, while we were there I realized that I left my camera’s memory card in my computer, but take my word, the food is to die for. We both had a Tripel and an IPA, then we split the pretzel bread with mustard dipping sauces and the IN-CRED-I-BLE macaroni and cheese. They bake it with a salt and vinegar potato chip crust. A little strange but a lot phenomenal.

On that note, I’ll finish up today’s post with a few pictures from J’s birthday party last Saturday. Just like the good old college days only no one puked and we were all asleep by 1AM.

Our resident non-drinker pretending to play BP with the boys

Me with my dad - who will also be running his first half marathon with me!

Jaybo and my dad. No idea what they were laughing at but one probably was insulting the other 🙂

Our fish Turok partied too

My parentals - love them

Love of my life is finally 24!!

We were more excited about coffee than booze

Frat boy bromance/honor poseLegendary BP Champs

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“I wanna lose three pounds”

Oh Regina George. If only Bikram Yoga had been trendy back then.

Last night my friend M and I had our first experience with Hot Yoga – or as I like to think of it: WHAT THE F WAS I THINKING yoga.

Here we are before the class. Please believe me when I say we did not plan the outfits. And yes, they are the same C9 from Target shorts. We even had the same nail polish on. I’ve known M since we were about 2 and while our moms used to dress us in matching denim skorts, I like to think we grew out of that phase. Or not. It was especially funny when Madame Yogi Nazi kept mixing up our names – very reminiscent of Girl Scout Camp circa 1996.

We look excited right? Well about 2 minutes into the class I was downright terrified. I thought I was actually going to drown in a pool of my own sweat, or maybe shrivel up and turn into a human raisin. I do not know how the human body can pour out that much sweat and still function (semi) normally. After the first 30 minutes, I began needing periodic breaks to keep from passing out. With 10 minutes to go, I knew I could consider it a success if I didn’t puke upon standing.

After 90 minutes of pure torture (I was never warned that this would be more barking out orders and less “now breathe in the good and breathe out the bad” like all other yoga classes I’ve taken) we finally drug our useless bodies out of the sweat sauna and into the most delicious, amazing, refreshing, 101-polluted air I have ever enjoyed. Ever.

This is our “After” picture. The sad thing is, we noticed that we don’t even look that sweaty. That, my friends, is because we are so absolutely drenched to the core that there are no marks left on our clothes that are dry enough to actually see that they are wet. SICK.

After spending 10 minutes recuperating in M’s car (aka. trying to determine if it was safe enough to get behind the wheel without passing out) I managed to drag my butt home, sweaty and slightly proud/delirious. And for God-Knows-What-Reason, we committed to going back tomorrow. I better look like fricking Gisele after this crap.

And in the middle of writing this post I saw the following on my facebook wall from M:

I really wish I was joking but I just picked up my clothes from last night to wash them and they are still damp

Oh jeez I have yet to even pick mine up from the pile I left them in. 


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4th of July 5k and Why I Like Running

Happy 5th of July! I really need a moment to soak in the fact that it’s already July. Where did June go? Or all of Spring for that matter?

I had a great 4th of July weekend that started out with a 5.5 mile run with an old friend on Saturday followed by a long day of relaxing at the beach with J and his family. I was SO SORE after that run. I ended up running into the freezing ocean to stand for a few minutes like a wimpy version of an ice bath.

It stayed cloudy most of the day but still warm and I even came back with a little of my tan back.


We spent all day Sunday hanging out in my pool, playing volleyball with my family and BBQing. Every year, one of the nearby towns puts on a 3rd of July firework show so we headed out there with Jas, his sister and our friend Kyle.

Waiting for the sun to set*

Finally ready for the show!

Kyle has trouble keeping his eyes open in pictures.

I had to steal these pictures from Tiff because my camera battery died 😦 After the fireworks, we headed home to start a fire out back and make s’mores aka the best food invention EVER (Besides Yogurtland). Jason built a pretty roaring fire with the help of some lighter fluid.

I woke up at 5:30AM on July 4th to get ready to run a local 5k with my dad and running prodigy brother Michael. I got us all matching America bandanas but unfortunately, the only picture I have is of Heidi rocking the Red White and Blue.

I had a great time at the race but I missed my goal by 59 seconds! My previous fastest 5k time was (please don’t laugh, I am not by any means a true Runner) 33 minutes. That was with absolutely no training beyond the elliptical and occasional 1 mile on the treadmill at the gym. I thought for sure that with all the running I’ve done lately I could reach my goal of 30 minutes or less. Too bad there was about .75 miles of the course that was VERY uphill. I don’t want to make excuses, but if it weren’t for that hill at mile 2 I really think I would have broken 30 minutes. However, I did come in at 30:59 and I’m pretty proud to say I have a new (albeit slightly slow) PR. I’m working on it!

I came in 80th overall (out of 500ish?) and 7th in my age group, but there were definitely quite a few walkers. One advantage to finishing in just over 30 minutes is that I managed to grab a water cup at mile 2. Apparently they ran out of water at the only water station and soon after that ran out of water bottles at the finish. Sucks for everyone else.

One other bummer is I never saw a professional photographer at the race so no pictures of my sweet get-up.

My dad finished in 27ish minutes and Michael in 17. He came in 1st in his age group and 3rd overall but there’s no surprise there haha.

After the race, I went with Jas over to Kyle’s for pool, beer and BBQ. We finished up the 4th of July at the Simi Fireworks Show with my family which was SPEC-TAC-U-LAR. They seemed to go one forever!!

Then I came home, passed out like a old person watching the golf channel, and woke up to a hellishly busy day of work.

As for my running, I really am realizing a huge reason why I love it — because I can compete against MYSELF. It doesn’t matter how fast I am or good I am compared to other runners (at least not right now), all that matters is that I can constantly keep pushing myself to beat my previous times and distances and I love it! I am a pretty competitive person, but sometimes shy away from thing I feel I’m not great at like basically any other sport, but when I run, all I have to do is focus on me and how well I do compared to the last time. So on that note, I’ve decided to sign up for the Simi Valley Days 10k in September. It’ll be a good training run for the Half in October and I plan to work toward my goal of finishing in 58 minutes or less. I also think it’s time to start following a more structured training plan and using this blog to hold myself accountable for that. But all in all, I’m really loving running, loving my new shoes, loving my ankle compression sleeve that has kept me from wanted to tear out my Achilles, and I’m loving the great feeling I get each time I accomplish a good run.


*Sorry but is my boyfriend not the cutest guy ever??? He took me to two firework shows with me because he knows how bummed I’ve been the last few years we didn’t go. He’s seriously the sweetest boyfriend in the world. I LOVE YOU J-BOOOOOO!!! Haha.



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