4th of July 5k and Why I Like Running

Happy 5th of July! I really need a moment to soak in the fact that it’s already July. Where did June go? Or all of Spring for that matter?

I had a great 4th of July weekend that started out with a 5.5 mile run with an old friend on Saturday followed by a long day of relaxing at the beach with J and his family. I was SO SORE after that run. I ended up running into the freezing ocean to stand for a few minutes like a wimpy version of an ice bath.

It stayed cloudy most of the day but still warm and I even came back with a little of my tan back.


We spent all day Sunday hanging out in my pool, playing volleyball with my family and BBQing. Every year, one of the nearby towns puts on a 3rd of July firework show so we headed out there with Jas, his sister and our friend Kyle.

Waiting for the sun to set*

Finally ready for the show!

Kyle has trouble keeping his eyes open in pictures.

I had to steal these pictures from Tiff because my camera battery died 😦 After the fireworks, we headed home to start a fire out back and make s’mores aka the best food invention EVER (Besides Yogurtland). Jason built a pretty roaring fire with the help of some lighter fluid.

I woke up at 5:30AM on July 4th to get ready to run a local 5k with my dad and running prodigy brother Michael. I got us all matching America bandanas but unfortunately, the only picture I have is of Heidi rocking the Red White and Blue.

I had a great time at the race but I missed my goal by 59 seconds! My previous fastest 5k time was (please don’t laugh, I am not by any means a true Runner) 33 minutes. That was with absolutely no training beyond the elliptical and occasional 1 mile on the treadmill at the gym. I thought for sure that with all the running I’ve done lately I could reach my goal of 30 minutes or less. Too bad there was about .75 miles of the course that was VERY uphill. I don’t want to make excuses, but if it weren’t for that hill at mile 2 I really think I would have broken 30 minutes. However, I did come in at 30:59 and I’m pretty proud to say I have a new (albeit slightly slow) PR. I’m working on it!

I came in 80th overall (out of 500ish?) and 7th in my age group, but there were definitely quite a few walkers. One advantage to finishing in just over 30 minutes is that I managed to grab a water cup at mile 2. Apparently they ran out of water at the only water station and soon after that ran out of water bottles at the finish. Sucks for everyone else.

One other bummer is I never saw a professional photographer at the race so no pictures of my sweet get-up.

My dad finished in 27ish minutes and Michael in 17. He came in 1st in his age group and 3rd overall but there’s no surprise there haha.

After the race, I went with Jas over to Kyle’s for pool, beer and BBQ. We finished up the 4th of July at the Simi Fireworks Show with my family which was SPEC-TAC-U-LAR. They seemed to go one forever!!

Then I came home, passed out like a old person watching the golf channel, and woke up to a hellishly busy day of work.

As for my running, I really am realizing a huge reason why I love it — because I can compete against MYSELF. It doesn’t matter how fast I am or good I am compared to other runners (at least not right now), all that matters is that I can constantly keep pushing myself to beat my previous times and distances and I love it! I am a pretty competitive person, but sometimes shy away from thing I feel I’m not great at like basically any other sport, but when I run, all I have to do is focus on me and how well I do compared to the last time. So on that note, I’ve decided to sign up for the Simi Valley Days 10k in September. It’ll be a good training run for the Half in October and I plan to work toward my goal of finishing in 58 minutes or less. I also think it’s time to start following a more structured training plan and using this blog to hold myself accountable for that. But all in all, I’m really loving running, loving my new shoes, loving my ankle compression sleeve that has kept me from wanted to tear out my Achilles, and I’m loving the great feeling I get each time I accomplish a good run.


*Sorry but is my boyfriend not the cutest guy ever??? He took me to two firework shows with me because he knows how bummed I’ve been the last few years we didn’t go. He’s seriously the sweetest boyfriend in the world. I LOVE YOU J-BOOOOOO!!! Haha.




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