Music and Ankle Issues

Hello, my name is Danica and I’m officially in a music rut.

Like I said in my previous post, I don’t usually bring my iPod when running outside, but due to the heat and lack of any ability to wake up before 6:30AM, my only option is to keep up with the treadmill running until it cools off outside. It is seriously time for me to get some new music.

My typical gym playlist consists of songs by Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Paramore, Alkaline Trio, Fall Out Boy, The Cab, Maroon 5, and the occasional rap/hip hop upbeat song. However, I’ve noticed more and more that I spend way too much time skipping through songs trying to find that perfect running beat. HELP!!

Some songs I plan on adding to my iTunes are:

In the Dark by DEV

Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stone

Music from the Glee Cast

But after that I’m stuck. I have so much trouble branching out, I end up annoyed with most of the stuff on the radio because our local stations play it all like there is no tomorrow and kill EVERY song in a week or two, and I tend to hoard my iTunes cards and can never decide what to spend them on. I’d love any suggestions for some good, new running music.

On that note, I’ve also decided it’s time for me to be a little more diligent about stretching & icing. Every time I run, I promise myself that I will spend 15 minutes stretching after my run, and I will spend 15 minutes icing when I get home. Usually neither of these happen. I end up going:

“Oh it’s ok… I’ll just stretch as soon as I get home because the mats are all being used/the sun is in my eyes in the stretching area/the mats are gross/there are too many people by the mirror/that creeper is too close to the stretching zone.”

Then I end up going home, walking either J’s dog Trixy or my dingo Heidi (depending on where we are), having some wine, watching The League on Hulu, and not doing anything I said I would do after running. So that ends now. My ankle has been REALLY sore for a few weeks now and after some intense Googling, I have self-diagnosed myself with Achilles Tendonitis. Not sure if that is definitely what I have but the symptoms match and I don’t like going to the doctor if I am not in excruciating pain so I’m going to treat it as such. Jas also terrified me with a story about how if your Achilles tendon snaps it will contract up into your calf muscle and it requires surgery to fix and creates some nasty-looking lump in your leg. NO THANKS!

Side-note: OH MY GOD do not Google image “achilles tendonitis” if you get queasy at the site of a sliced open ankle.

So now my plan is to make sure I give myself 30 minutes each night to properly stretch before leaving the gym (15 minutes) and icing my ankles when I get home (15 minutes). I figure the ice-time will be a great excuse to do a little window shopping online each night since Fall is right around the corner and I can’t stop staring at these beauties.

What are your favorite songs to run to?





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3 responses to “Music and Ankle Issues

  1. Hey there!!! I am obsessed with making new running play lists! My most favorite running songs are definitely:

    creator- santogold
    power- kanye west
    i’m on one- drake
    combat baby- metric
    junebug- robert francis
    swing- savage
    lay me back down- portugal the man
    do somethin- britney spears (gotta love her..)

    I hope those help! I have serious ADD with my running songs and do the exact same thing you do- I am always on the lookout for more!! Look forward to checking out your blog 🙂


  2. P.S. you and your boyfriend are ADORABLE.. + the fact that you referenced mean girls makes me a fan of your blog already!!! i am obsessed!

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