Did I Really Just Sign Up for That?

Morning runs make me delusional. I managed to get up before the sun and do 2 of my training runs before work this week. For me, this is a HUGE accomplishment as I am the furthest thing from being a morning person. I am the girl who will hit snooze every 5 minutes from 6:00am to 7:15am when I realize I really need to wake up and actually have enough time to change out of my pajamas before work.

Morning runs must have messed up my brain though, because I just bought a Groupon voucher for this:

The Gladiator Rock N Run 5K in Pasadena – October 1, 2011

Am I crazy? Possibly. But I figured, if I can run 3.1 miles through mud, ice water, over walls, in tires, and at some point carry a 40lb bag of rice to the foot of a giant Buddha (???) then I can totally run 13.1 flat, dry, clean miles. Right?

As an added plus, my lovely boyfriend will be joining me on this adventure. I think he got sucked in by the free beer at the finish. If anyone is interested in running this (strange) race, you can buy a VIP pass for $50 on Groupon right now (it’s normally $120 I think).

And because I can’t bear to do any damage to my beloved Brooks Adrenalines… I might have to look for some cheap new shoes for this race. Any suggestions?

Have you ever done a crazy themed race or obstacle course?




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3 responses to “Did I Really Just Sign Up for That?

  1. No obstacle courses, but I did just sign up for a race called the Skirt Chaser, where all the females get a 3 minute headstart on the males. Fun stuff…hopefully! I’m training for a half too! And I have a love/hate relationship with my morning runs. Getting them over and out of the way, yes! Waking up with the sun, no thanks.

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