Daniel Tosh – I want to steal your puppies

On Sunday, I was here:

And it was amazing.If I didn’t love Daniel Tosh enough already, my adoration increased by about 9867% when he came out with two puppies. PUPPIES! If there is anything I love more than inappropriate, line-crossing comedies – it’s puppies.

It was SUCH a fun show! We met up with a group of friends before at a restaurant across from the Honda Center and then headed over to the show after.

We saw four other comedians who opened the show who were all pretty fun, but Tosh was hilarious.   Being the great girlfriend that I am, I got these tickets last month for J’s birthday so we’ve been looking forward to this for weeks, and it did not disappoint. It also made us aware of two things:

1. We should go to more comedy shows. It’s so fun to just sit there and laugh hysterically for a couple hours.

2. OC > LA. Between parking, walking, the feeling of actual safety, driving, pedestrian traffic, ease of getting to the freeway after the show… it made me love OC even more. And we weren’t even in Irvine or Newport like we were last week! Just driving through Anaheim and past Angel Stadium was a real eye-opener in comparison to driving near Dodger Stadium and the traffic and general confusion that comes with that. We need to spend more time around Orange County because I was way less stressed behind the wheel.

We wrapped up our fun weekend by taking yesterday off of work so we could enjoy the nice weather. I ran 4 miles, then we went on a 2 mile hike before completely destroying all our effort with a lunch of In N Out and Yogurtland (OK the yogurt was just me…) Then we topped off the night by watching 5 episodes of Weeds, and blasting The Cab‘s new album SymphonySoldier. If you haven’t heard of the, you will. Best album I’ve heard in a LOOOOONG time. Check them out!!

How was everyone’s weekend?


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