Want Wednesday: A Gym Bag

I had another successful morning run today. My dad and I went out and just did 2 quick miles at 5:30. We were planning on 3, but we brought the Heidi and she’s too dumb to understand that if she didn’t spend the first mile of every run sprinting and tugging her leash then she wouldn’t tire out and practically need to be carried after just 2 miles. She also turns her head to stare at rabbits and then runs into parked cars. Gotta love her.

I also ran 2.5 miles at the gym last night. I was planning on 4 but I was just struggling. I drank a Venti iced coffee late in the afternoon before a client meeting and was super jittery by the time I got to the gym so my heart kept beating oddly fast. Freaks me out when that happens. So since today wasn’t even supposed to be a run day I guess my 2 miles makes up for yesterday getting cut short.

After work, I’m off to Pump class for an hour. I realized this morning while I was throwing my gym clothes into a random tote bag that one thing I really want is a legit gym bag. One with compartments for my iPod and stuff and a zipper so my stuff isn’t falling out everywhere. Normally I am super indecisive and list like 5 different things I want, but when it comes to the gym bag I’m pretty set on a custom Nikeid duffle bag in purple, yellow and crimson. I wish I could add a picture but my computer is being super freaky tonight and decided to make life difficult. Instead, here is a picture of me with my favorite dogs. Oh and my boyfriend. 



And finally, on a completely unrelated note… I think I blacked out and went temporarily insane because I have committed to doing the So Cal Ragnar Relay in April with some amazeballs runner ladies. A lot of my favorite bloggers will be on the team and if you are one of them, or anyone else who has some super awesome training advice to offer (that doesn’t include cutting out candy, coffee or good beer) I would LOVE to hear it. But more on that in my next post.

Until then, goodnight. I’m off to consider showering (now that I finished this post-Pump class) but let’s be honest I think I’m just going to go finish The Hunger Games eat the last half of my box of Swedish Fish. Goodnight!!


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