Running with Mountain Lions

I just got back from a 3 mile run in 30:09. Considering it was 85 degrees and the last mile was completely uphill I’m ok with this. And I still can’t lift my arms all the way after Pump. Excuses excuses right?

If you paid attention to my last post, you know I already failed my September goal of getting up at 7:00 to run on weekends. But here’s the thing, I was up at 7, I just didn’t run right away and it turned out to be a good thing I waited. My brother had his first NCAA cross country meet down in Orange County today so my parents left super early to go watch. I was on call to pick up my sister from XC practice on the other end of town when they got back. I wasn’t sure what time that would be and since I don’t run with my phone I figured I would just head out on my run after I picked her up.

Around 8:45 my mom called me freaking out. Apparently, while the girls were running a trail between our town and the next one over, the ran into some hikers who told them there was a mountain lion on the trail. The hikers freaked them out so much that Maddi had to borrow some ladies phone to call my mom and try to tell her to get a hold of the coach. My mom was freaking out and couldn’t reach the coach so she wanted me to drive over early to see if I could find anyone.

Luckily, the girls made it back safe and in one piece. I always worry about rattlesnakes out here in the hills and I had an encounter with a coyote back in high school while walking Heidi, but I’ve always figured those were just animals I had to keep an eye out for while running near the hills. But a MOUNTAIN LION!?!? No thanks. I like all my limbs in tact. I don’t blame them for freaking out, I would too! Oh and I guess there has also been a bear spotted around the hills too. Last time I checked I didn’t live in the Redwood Forest…


So I got back around 10:30 and hit the pavement for 3 miles. And my brother got 1st for LMU in the meet and 31st overall. I’m so proud of him for doing so well in his first college meet!

Now I need to go shower and try to figure out what to do for the day that doesn’t involve spending money.

Have you ever had a wild animal encounter while running?










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