Earthquake Weather

I know there is no correlation between the weather and the chance of an earthquake, but I swear this feels like earthquake weather.

I’m kind of mad at myself. I was supposed to get up and run 6 miles this morning, but I slept through my stupid alarm and ended up only doing my typical 4 miles. It was majorly muggy this morning and I was like I was breathing in swamp air at times. Unless it’s a legit rainstorm, I don’t do humidity. No thanks.

Bright red and sweaty. Mmmm.

My ankle hasn’t been bugging me nearly as much but I’ve been trying my best to be diligent about icing and stretching.

If only someone was home to make and bring me some coffee right now. My family is up at Mt. Sac for the high school XC super-big-deal race and J is off doing grown up man things that are way out of my range of comprehension. Too bad Heidi is useless.

This is an old picture but her lack of thumbs and inability to help me with my caffiene mix is making her a bad dog. That, and I just watched her figure out a way to roll around on the ground so that the Cone of Shame pops right off.

One good thing about today’s run is that I got to wear my new Road ID for the first time and it was absolutely useless as nothing bad happened to me. I normally don’t like wasting money, but I sure won’t be disappointed if this thing never needs to be looked at, but it is cute in purple!


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