Crosstraining and a NAME CONTEST

Yesterday I hit the gym for a little crosstraining: 30 min elliptical, 15 min abs and back on the incline thing, 15 minutes of leg machines. I don’t really feel sore, but I also know I probably wasn’t working as hard as I should. We’ve had so many client meetings at work (the third was today!) and I’ve just been exhausted and kind of run down the last week. Also, I think I feel like I’m on the verge of a cold.

Tonight I decided to just hit up Target after work to get Catching Fire (yes I have the reading level of a 14-year-old right now) and come home to relax and do a little blogging and baking. Tomorrow morning will be an easy 3 miles. 

Does anyone else have that weird disease where you walk into target and end up walking out with about 47 things you never really needed but had to buy because they were such a great deal? Yeah me neither… 

But today I was good and I only bought the things I went in for – the book, toothpaste, new toothbrush heads, some baking supplies and a random can of tomato soup (ok ONE thing that was too cheap to pass up).

On another note – I need some help. There is a group of 18 of us crazy running blogging  girls planning to run the So Cal Ragnar Relay in April. It’s a relay race from Huntington Beach to San Diego. I think I’m clinically insane because I have yet to even run my first half, but I’m hoping to be the runner who gets assigned the “easier” legs of the race (hint hint ladies). We have two AWESOME teams. A 12-woman relay team and a 6-woman ULTRA team. Thanks to OUaL for this amazing picture collab and for organizing the teams:

The ULTRA Team

SkinnyRunnerChachaMargot, OUaL, Pam, HauteRunningMama

The 12-(wo)man Team


PrettyFittieKate & AngMonicaBrokeRunner

MadisonElisabeth, Me

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to run with some of the AMAZING ladies that have inspired me, as well as to meet some new bloggers I’ve become a quick fan of, and most of all have a SUPER CRAZY FUN experience while making some new friends. But here is that catch – OUaL has done a great job organizing everything but WE NEED A NAME! 

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you are reading this, if you could PRETTY PLEASE leave a comment on here with an idea for a name. If you go check out SR’s blog – she has a pretty sweet giveaway planned for the winner and I will totally contribute especially if one of my 4 readers comes up with a good name. So help us out, make it funny, cutesy, girly, whatever, and I will GREATLY appreciate it!! And if anyone who lives in a close enough vicinity to me wins I will totally bake you cookies or take you to Yogurtland 🙂 So COMMENT AWAY! Team YET-TO-BE-NAMED thanks you!


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