Out of My Rut

See this:

That’s me… stretching, drinking chocolate almond milk and SMILING because I got over my 4-mile rut and did 6 miles this morning in 1:05. I’m SO excited that I finally conquered this. I set out to do 6 miles one time before but it was in July and about 90 degrees with the sun BEATING down on me so I walked about half. Today I powered through and luckily the weather was great for the first 3 miles. Cloudy, cool and a little breezy. The last 3 back the sun came out but knowing that I was getting closer with every step kept me going.

I discovered a secret. Rather than trying to run longer runs through my excessively hilly neighborhood, I will now be driving a mile down the hill to the flat, main street, doing my run, then driving myself up the hill home. So much better. I only almost got hit once by an old lady who didn’t feel the need to stop at a stop sign and when I had to pee I was able to run into Coffee Bean. So much better than my usual method of suffering through it. TMI? I got stopped at every light though, so my Nike+ said 1:06 when I got back and I decided it must have been at least a minute of waiting at lights (6 there and 6 back) so I’m gonna go with 1:05. Congrats to me!

Now I’m icing my hips, knees and ankles while watching the freakshow that is Toddlers & Tiaras. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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