Confession Thursday

A few of my favorite bloggers sometimes do these confession posts and I think it’s time for me to fess up to a few things. Before though, on the running front – yesterday I did a 3.5 mile speed workout at the gym. 1 mile warm up, 4x.25 FAST (I normally run a 10 min pace, I did these at a 7-8 minute pace), followed by a half mile cool down. I was sweating like you wouldn’t believe. I think J was embarrassed by me. 

Now for some confessions. I think I owe a little more info about my life to my 3-4 readers, whoever you are. And please enjoy the random old pictures throughout.

Confession 1: I LOVE to blog. I just don’t always WANT to blog. I spend 40+ hours a week staring at a computer. Sometimes I get home and I want to do anything but look at my computer for another hour. I really do enjoy it when I actually sit down and pump something out. I truly love writing, and before the desire for boatloads of money crossed my mind I was actually a Journalism Major for 2 years.

Best Eggs Benedict EVER. A result of being on the computer so much is that I buy a lot of Groupons. This was for Larchmont Bungalow in LA. GO! Seriously! You will thank me.

Confession 2: I talk about Jason A LOT. If you read my blog, get used to it. I spend 90% of my free time with him and he’s absolutely the best boyfriend ever so after 5+ years with him I have a lot of bragging I like to do.

My handsome man in Maui. We got shaved ice from Ululani’s and it was amazing. UHHHMAZING. It had mac-nut ice cream in the bottom. I would buy a plane ticket just to go get more of this stuff. 

Confession 3: I love food. Anything I eat and enjoy will be deemed “The BEST thing ever” for a period of time, and every time I mention it again (as you can see).

Confession 4: I over exaggerate. If you’ve ever heard Dane Cook’s bit about taking a 100 hour nap, well, that’s probably about me.

Confession 5: If I could choose to only watch TV or only read for the rest of my life I would not even hesitate. I could never give up reading. But before you think I’m some arrogant, pompous intellect-type, I need to clarify. I pretty much spend all of my reading energy on anything and everything written by Stephen King, then when something comes out that caters to high schoolers (like Twilight and Hunger Games) I drop everything and read every book in the series. Then I go back to Stephen King when I’m done obsessing and pretending to be Katniss (I’m currently considering taking up archery).

I plowed through the first book in one afternoon at the beach and a couple days on the elliptical. I’m now on the second book, Catching Fire, and all I can think about it that I really wish the movie was already out so I could be Katniss for Halloween and not have people ask me a million times if I’m supposed to be Peter Pan.

What’s your favorite book? Maybe you can pull me away from the Stephen King & Young Adult Fiction Fan Club.


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