PDR & Rock the Vote

7 miles baby! Yesterday morning I set out at the far-too-early-for-a-Sunday hour of 7AM and was out the door by 8. I was determined to up my mileage from last weekend’s 6 mile run and get in a nice 7 miler while taking advantage of the misty gloomy 60 degree weather. After running 6 miles in 1:05, my goal for the 7 miles was to do it in 1:15. Well I kicked that goal to the curb and finished my run in exactly 1:10. A perfect 10min pace. I was so excited and felt great afterwards! I definitely had a few moments where I had to keep telling myself “You’re almost there. You’re so close. You DO NOT need to walk. and WHEN YOU GET HOME YOU GET TO HAVE COFFEE!!!” But overall, I felt really good and steady the whole time.

Coffee w/ Natural Bliss PURE HAPPINESS

We had a crazy busy day planned so I was a bad runner and got home and I pounded a cup of coffee, showered and was out the door again after barely remembering to grab a Clif bar on my way out. No stretching, no icing. Thank goodness I feel OK today. My hips are a little sore but I think that may be from the gym on Friday so the only part I seem sore from my run is my feet. Not bad, but I think a pedicure with a foot massage may be in my near future.

So remember that little Ragnar Relay thing I’m taking part in at the end of April? We now have the top 10 names chosen by all my fellow teammates’ readers (all you lurkers reading this should know you missed out on the change to win some sweet running swag). Now we just need everyone to vote and then the 12-(wo)man team and the ultra team will duke it out over the top 2 names and the winning names will be plastered all over our shirts, signs, vans, and someone else’s face with sharpie bc I’m sure OUAL isn’t kidding about that and I don’t intend on being the first person falling asleep. So now I need anyone who reads this to head on over to her page and vote on our team name. Vote as many times as you want and we’ll be finding out the winning name this weekend. I’ll be recovering from the Gladiator Rock N Run so I’ll be excited to find out our team name and have another crazy-psycho-running experience to get even more excited about. So please go vote and if you do, leave me a comment and tell me what name you liked best. I can totally see how many views I get via facebook, links from other blogs, twitter and people just typing in the address and coming straight to my page. So quit lurking and let me know you’re here. Otherwise I might say something mean about you not knowing you’re one of my 5 readers (JUST KIDDING!). 

So what name did you pick???



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4 responses to “PDR & Rock the Vote

  1. Jocelyn

    “We thought they said ruM!” Love it! How fun!!!

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  3. lea

    We thought htey said ruM…. although no dudes is a close second.

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