Tuesday Refueling

Today’s workout was short but sweaty – 20 minutes elliptical @ 12 resistance +10 minutes of abs. I read Mockingjay (the 3rd and final book in the Hunger Games series) so my elliptical session went by super fast. I didn’t even notice how much my legs were burning from the resistance until it went into cool-down mode.

After the gym, I headed over to J’s where I properly refueled.

Please excuse the sweatiness. I told you it was an intense 20 minutes.

Despite what the picture suggests, I’m usually pretty good about refueling after long workouts, and especially after long runs. My favorite things to eat/drink after a long run are oatmeal with brown sugar and maple, chocolate almond milk, or a Click protein shake blended with ice, almond milk and a little chocolate syrup.

J, Tiff and I also made a delish and healthy dinner of pasta with broccoli and a garden salad (my contribution – I’m good at chopping, not so much cooking).

Tomorrow I’m planning to do an easy 3 miles. I don’t want to work myself too hard during the week because I’m running that Gladiator Rock N Run on Saturday morning then Sunday morning I want to get up bright and early to get in 8 miles. I’m actually excited for that and hoping that I survive the Gladiator run with nothing worse than some mud in eyes. Thankfully, Madison @ I’d Rather Be Eating ran a Gladiator run and warned me about the slippery state of the walls so I’ll be careful on those babies.

And don’t forget to vote for our Ragnar Team Name! Polls close on 9/30 and we’ll be announcing the names over the weekend.



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2 responses to “Tuesday Refueling

  1. Good luck tomorrow Danica! Have fun!

    • thanks! it was crazy but so fun. are you going to the meet up today? I wish I could make it but Carlsbad is pretty far from where I live and I have a ton to do tomorrow. Have fun!!

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