A Muddy Saturday

As I write this post I am still finding mud in my hair and ears… even after a hose down, a shower and a bath. I think I am going to be tracking mud behind me for a week.

The morning started bright and early – J, Kyle and I took off at 7:00 to head to Pasadenda for the Gladiator Rock N Run at the Rose Bowl.

Can you tell who the morning person is in the relationship?

We got to the Rose Bowl, and had some time to kill before our wave started so I did some posing:

Then I graced the boys with my presence for a team picture:

At 9:30, we took off on the 5k+ trail through and around the famous Pasadena Rose Bowl. One of the coolest things was actually running into the Rose Bowl and then trying not to die while running the stairs.

A little blurry thanks to Kyle’s high-tech water-and-mudproof camera function (a plastic sandwich bag haha!)

Then we ran around and around through obstacles like a mud tunnel, over a wall (little did I know the first wall was the small wall), over some giant spools, over a mountain of tires then through a forest of tire swings and giant balls being flung at us, through a pool of ice water, over a mountain of mud, carrying a bag of rice to a Buddha, army crawling through a swamp, climbing up and down a rope ladder, and finally up and over THE BEAST.

Kyle at the top of THE BEAST

And then we crossed the finish line as a team.

Overall, it was a REALLY fun experience. There were a few things I didn’t get, like why it was chip-timed when all the big obstacles would be so backed up you had to wait in a 5-10 min line, but I had a great time running it with the boys and would definitely say that everyone should do a mud run once in their life. 

I just hope they used that fancy spa mud so I will wake up tomorrow with magically soft, glowing, flawless skin.

Now I’m off to watch obscene amounts of TV on Instant Netflix and veg out all day. Tomorrow is a long run – 8 miles! If I make it, check back tomorrow for a re-cap. 

Have you ever done a mud run? 



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5 responses to “A Muddy Saturday

  1. I’m kinda jealous of that medal. I didn’t get one when I did the first Gladiator Mud Run. I don’t think they offered one at the time. Not doing any more mud stuff. Living vicariously these days. I have an 8 mile run tomorrow too. I am so lazy!

  2. Casey

    I haven’t done a mud run yet, but I am definitely planning one for next year when the weather warms up. I am keeping an old pair of Asics just for that. 🙂

  3. OMG can we talk about how much fun that looks like!? I can’t wait for another Ragnar meetup so that I can meet more of the team! If you are ever in SD feel free to hit me up for a run!

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