Liquid Gold and My First Giveaway

It’s finally starting to really feel like Fall here in SoCal. I’m currently enjoy a hot cup of Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Coffee with this deliciousness, courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend:

He has this huge Costco tub of biscotti in his house and I told him a while back that I couldn’t wait for a gloomy day so I could enjoy a hot coffee with a biscotti in the afternoon. So with today being the first gloomy day in weeks, he stuck that little treat in my bag without me knowing.

On a workout-related note, I am SO SORE! Last night I did a 60 minute BodyPump class at the gym by my work and it kicked my booty. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I only removed 1/3 of my squat weights when we switch to biceps (I normally remove 1/2 the weight) and now my arms feel like they went through the garbage disposal and got pieced back together. I was strength training like you wouldn’t believe last night (I have the sore, callused hands to prove it – so hot). The class went by so fast too! That’s why I love BodyPump – the great music and fast pace make an hour fly by and before I know it, it’s try to stretch and head home. (P.S. Check out my new workout log!)

Unfortunately, my 8 mile run on Sunday didn’t happen. I slept in a bit and by the time I woke up it was over 80 degrees. Not happening! And if you think I was about to run on a the treadmill for 80+ minutes you really don’t know me that well yet. 3 miles is just about my treadmill max.

Despite my body being semi-dysfunctional this morning, I found time to stop by my new favorite store this morning – Sprouts.

This place is seriously amazing. They have a gazillion different flavors of licorice (like blue raspberry and even pina colada), hundreds of barrels of things to buy in bulk like nuts, different kinds of sugar, varieties of granola, oatmeal, and flour. An incredible selection of cheeses and the FRESHEST produce. I’m typically not one to shop in specialty grocery stores and usually stick to Vons or Trader Joes when I’m feeling fancy. But Sprouts has a selection of things I can’t seem to find elsewhere, like this jar of liquid gold:

This peanut butter is THE. BEST. PEANUT. BUTTER. I know I might be a little late to hop on the Justin’s Bandwagon, but I’m glad I did! And now I want to share the love.

In honor of my little blog starting to gain some steam, I’ve decided to do my first giveaway! Here is the deal:

I’ll be giving away 5 individual serving packets of Justin’s Nut Butter (PB, Honey PB, Almond, Honey Almond and Maple Almond) AND a pack of Sprouts’ amazing licorice. To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me what you are looking forward to most in the Fall and what flavor of licorice you would want if you win. They have red licorice, black licorice, strawberry, watermelon, pina colada, blue raspberry, green apple, orange, peach, and rootbeer.

For an extra entry you can follow me on Twitter (@GTR_Danica) and Tweet about my giveaway (leave a separate comment)

For another extra entry you can become a subscriber to my blog (leave a separate comment).

I’ll pick a winner at random on Friday. Good luck!



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16 responses to “Liquid Gold and My First Giveaway

  1. I want my gym to have body pump! I read about y’all getting to work your hiney off and want to do it so bad, lol! 🙂

    Yaaaay for Fall. I am loving this gloomy day. We are supposed to have rain for the next couple of days right?!

    Justin’s is the best and Sprouts is AWESOME! Yaaay for your first giveaway!!!

  2. Jenn

    Woo love giveaways!

    I’m looking forward to wearing boots again in the fall, esp my new Hunters 🙂

    watermelon licorice please!

  3. Hey Danica,
    I have never been to Sprouts but I hear about it all the time and I want to go! I’m looking forward to cold weather and Thanksgiving! I would like watermelon, thanks!

  4. domestic diva

    I love baking once the weather cools down. Yum!

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  6. Casey

    I am looking forward to not being a sweaty mess all the time.

    Green apple licorice!

  7. Cassie

    I’m looking forward to wearing scarfs and getting ready for the Holidays! I love fall! And I would really love some nut butter and red licorice!!

  8. kylee

    I am looking forward to wearing my boots and sweater dresses again finally! I would like red licorice!

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  11. So glad you enjoyed the nut butters! You should try our Peanut Butter Cups (the dark chocolate ones are vegan!)

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