Breaking the 10-minute Barrier

I learned a few new things over the past 2 days:

1. Driving in rainboots is more difficult than driving in heels, but totally worth it since I finally had the chance to wear my new Hunter Wellies today.

2. I need to write things like “This is MINE, NOT YOURS” on my coffee creamer at work because I KNOW I didn’t polish off an entire bottle of Coffeemate in one week, which means someone was mooching…

3. A sub-10 minute pace is possible!!

(I’m most excited about that last one)

Last night I ran 3.02 miles in 30:36 (9:56 pace). I’m SO excited! After my run, my sister let me use her foam roller. Maybe if I foam roll enough I can run 5-min. miles like her one day…

What’s your goal pace?

I would love to run 7-minute miles like some people, but right now I would be happy running a race with a 9:30 average pace.

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5 responses to “Breaking the 10-minute Barrier

  1. Casey

    You will be at that pace one day! I have the same aspiration!

    I need to get a foam roller btw!

  2. Found your blog – love what i’m reading and that you are kicking butt at your running goals – under 10 mins is a big barrier to break!

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