Crash & Burn

I’m putting all my money on the title of this post being a perfect description of my day. Let me explain – every Friday my office has donuts and bagels for breakfast. Monday – Thursday I try to eat a filling and healthy breakfast like an egg sandwich, peanut butter toast or oatmeal, but on Friday’s I let myself indulge in a special treat. I usually go for the bagel with some peanut butter or light cream cheese, but occasionally one of these ends up in the little pink box and I just can’t resist:

The good news for me is that this is actually a rare occurrence. Normally there are NO sprinkle donuts in the pink box. And normally we all sit around our cubes complaining about the lack of sprinkle donuts and over-abundance of glazed donuts and apple fritters.

Well this morning, one of my coworkers brought in an entire box of sprinkle donuts for our team. YES! I had one, then a quarter of one, then a half of one. I think I was in some sugar-induced frenzy because I could. not. stop. And they were delicious.

Now, however, I am super antsy. Cannot sit still. Can’t focus on one thing at a time. And I have a client phone call in 10 minutes. This should be interesting. I guarantee that by 11:00 I will be lethargic and grumpy and in major need of the carrots and hummus I grabbed on my way out this morning. And maybe I will have learned my lesson about too much sugar too early in the morning.

Do you crash and burn after too much sugar? What’s your favorite breakfast treat?

– My FAVORITE breakfast treat is a big, fluffy waffle with berries, syrup and cool whip.

Don’t forget – I’m picking a random winner for my first giveaway at noon today!



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4 responses to “Crash & Burn

  1. It’s the sprinkles! Those sneaky, pretty sprinkles, lol! You deserve the treat 🙂

    My favorite breakfast treat??! Pancakes w/whipped cream and a big mug of hot cocoa. Total sugar overload and super crash afterwards. Oh, and totally worth it 🙂

  2. Casey

    Now that I’ve been cutting back on sugar, when I do indulge in something super sweet, it always gives me a headache later! I never used to be like that.

    If I have a breakfast “treat”, I tend to go for something coffee or espresso related with some whipped cream or caramel. But I don’t think I could resist anything with sprinkles at my office!

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