Weekend Recap

Just got back from a great 3.28 mile run with Tiffany. I finally got around to purchasing one of those c9 babydoll tanks from Target (clearance!) and wore it tonight. I need to go buy 8 more, like, now.

Where did the last 3 days go?? Seriously… the weekend goes by way too fast. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I was SO disappointed that this garden gnome costume didn’t come in a size XXXL because I REALLY wanted it. I bet you think I’m kidding, but I couldn’t be more serious.

Megan and I met up for Happy Hour at Elephant Bar. $6.50 for a veggie burger, sweet potato fries and a beer. Can’t beat that.

And a shout out to Megan since you told me you read this… I need to start an extreme couponing page for you.

Baked these cookies, but subbed the spice cake mix for devil’s food.

They may not look pretty, but they tasted SO good.

Jason cooked an amazing dinner of Thai Peanut Chicken over rice. Recipe coming soon!

I helped by cutting and eating a delicious honeydew melon, but apparently there is a wrong way to cut melons because J took over partway through.

On Saturday we went to Jodi’s parents house to enjoy the beautiful weather and celebrate Casey’s 26th birthday!

Jodi and Casey

J and I

I was too busy scarfing down the amazing feast of smoked pulled pork, pasta salad, coleslaw and BBQ beans to remember to take a picture, but believe me, it was amazing.

Sunday was spent cleaning my highly disorganized room and throwing out 63 tubes of mascara. Then, J and I walked around Home Goods and Bed Bath & Beyond to get out and kill some time looking at giant clocks and glittery Halloween decorations. I also decided that one day I will need one of these:

A DONUT MAKER! So necessary in my life.

This morning I felt a little under the weather to I had to make an Emergen-C cocktail and follow it up with a salad beast for lunch:

Oh and I totally took about 18 self-timer pictures of me with my salad while sitting in the Gelson’s parking lot only to look up and see a car full of old ladies watching me. It’s cool though, I know all you bloggers understand.

How was your weekend? Do you ever get weird looks from people for taking a million pictures of your food? No, just me…?



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7 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. hahaha 🙂 I get weird looks all of the time, not only do I take pictures of my food, but lots of random shots of me posing in front of seemingly pointless things. My niece was the girl version of that garden gnome last year, it was adorable.

  2. Devils food cake mix. Brilliant! I tried the original recipe and enjoyed the flavor although but was slightly weirded out by the texture.

  3. totally understand the awkward car photo session…haha!

    I JUST made choc chip pumpkin cookies using a cake mix as a base. DEEEElish! ANd super easy 🙂

  4. Casey

    Haha I do get random stares when I take pictures sometimes! Omg if I got a donut maker I don’t think I would eat anything else – that is too deadly.

  5. that gnome costume is so cute!

    Check out my blog blueeyedbarbie.blogspot.com its in the construction phase but im working on it =)

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