A Human Christmas Tree

Ran 3.02 miles in 29 min (9:36 pace yeah!)

I can really feel how much stronger I am getting as a runner. I used to have to drag my body up hills, and today I ran the entire 3 mile loop without stopping, even with a 1-mile uphill battle! I also knocked 1:36 off my previous record for this route! Needless to say, I’m feeling much better today than I did after the 8-mile fiasco.

Over the weekend, I went to visit my grandparents in Palm Springs for a little R&R.

My Grandparents Know How to Party

The only bummer was that I had to make the long, long, 2.75 hour drive all by myself and much to my annoyance, the radio seemed to only want to play Foster the People and that AWFUL Lil Wayne Song. Whoever told him he sounded good needs their ears check. I mean, how can you even listen to his version after hearing this guy do it ohsowell. Who goes on a long drive and leaves their iPod in the trunk? This girl.

But I digress… Anyways, on my way home during said boring drive, I made a slight detour to the holy grail of impulse purchases:

The Desert Hills Premium Outlets Nike Factory Store. Yes. I somehow managed to breeze by Michael Kors, True Religion and every other amazing outlet store that i still can’t afford despite the heavily discounted bargain prices and head straight to Nike. I was extremely hungry and ready to be out of the car and home, but first I needed to do a little damage. My main goal was to find something for the Holiday Half. I ended up scoring 2 pairs of Nike Pro compression shorts, Nike Dri-Fit Capris and a Nike Technical Tee.

Modeling my new outfit pre-run today

I am hooked on these shorts. They are definitely a little on the short side, but they don’t make me look like I’m wearing a diaper (coughmytemposcough). And they are SO soft. The tee is great too, I love that it’s a little longer than normal and it’s loose but tapered in on the sides so I don’t look like I’m wearing a man-shirt.

So now I’m just in search of some awesomesauce Christmas socks. Preferably ones with lights or something equally as ridiculous. Target should have them in stock by next week I’m sure. And since my face and legs tend to turn fire-engine red when I run, I should have no problem looking like a Christmas tree while running the Holiday Half. Now I just need some upbeat Christmas songs to add to my iPod.

What is one store you can never walk out of without buying something? Mine is definitely Target. But second would be any place I find Nike running clothes on sale.

What is the next race you are running? Anyone planning to run the Holiday Half in Pomona?



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2 responses to “A Human Christmas Tree

  1. Viv

    I don’t have a reply but I do have a question, blogger of girlsthatrun.

    Did you ever design that tshirt we talked about? I know that many of your followers would pay just $10 for a cute little “girlsthatrun” tshirt.

    Just curious…..

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