So Now I Have to Carry Hand Sanitizer Too?

So if you were wondering how my grand master plan went, let’s just say it didn’t really go. I didn’t get a PDR. I ran 7.4 slooooow miles – it took me around 1:20 to do so. Why do I say around 1:20? Well, when I packed up all my stuff on Friday to leave at J’s house, I left my Road ID and Nike+ in my bag with my spare clothes. Which I left at his house. UGH.

Missing in Action on 10/22

Missing in Action on 10/22

I’m not going to make excuses and blame my poor performance on my lack of a stopwatch. Instead, I’m going to blame it on my mental state starting out due to the lack of a stopwatch, the wind, the 80+ degree heat, the obscene number of stoplights and crosswalks, and the fact that I was just generally not feeling it. It really got bad at about 6 miles when my left hip started to cramp up each time I was forced to stop at a crosswalk. The only good thing about the run is that the NUUN and the Shotbloks didn’t bother my stomach at all.

Thankfully, my wonderful BF comforted me by letting me watch the entire first season of The Walking Dead with him all weekend.

Zombie Shows = Temporary Distraction from Crappy Run

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being totally disappointed in myself. I spent a good portion of Saturday just feeling really bummed and getting down on myself. I know that’s not going to make anything better, but sometimes I just need to sulk.

To top off the utter-horribleness of this run, I also learned today that I’m probably going to contract some nasty, incurable disease from all the crosswalk buttons I had to push on Saturday. Now on top of a water bottle, NUUN, Shotbloks, my phone, iPod, RoadID and Nike+, I need to start carrying this on my runs:

I think I was able to redeem myself a little tonight by knocking another 15 seconds off my 3-mile run. Thanks to the cool temps and lack of stoplights, I ran 3 miles in 28:45 (9:29 pace).

I was very excited to finally get the chance to wear my cold-weather-running Target clearance purchase:

Not at all flashy right? But only $4.98!

The funny thing is, J and I were at Target on Saturday getting stuff for our Halloween costumes and he pointed out this shirt and mentioned how ugly it was, so I kindly informed him that my cheapo-self had just bought it for less than $5 because I need more running tops and don’t make billions of dollars for doing nothing and talking in a baby voice:

Do you care what your running clothes look like or will you wear something if it’s a good deal? I am more picky about my running shorts and capris, but will wear any top as long as it’s a good deal and a good fit.

What’s your weirdest germaphobia problem? Well I now need to add gas pumps and crosswalk buttons to my list, but I am most grossed out by the benches in the gym locker room. I can’t believe people will sit on those naked!



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3 responses to “So Now I Have to Carry Hand Sanitizer Too?

  1. I usually pick out cute running gear. I’m a poor, struggling, part-time teacher, so if I buy it, I have to love it! I’m a Nike girl, so I also only buy it if it’s on sale. But, once I have an assortment of cute, comfy stuff, I don’t care if I match when it comes run time. I pretty much wear whatever is clean and fits my mood for the day. Because some days you’re just feeling a little neon! :o)

    p.s. I highly reccommend that you go to and grab a bright, fun headband and/or running belt to go with your new top! If for no other reason than to tease J a little bit with all of your new “ugly” (which I think is actually cute) running gear!

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