Turkey Pants

This morning my Dad and I braved the impending storm (and I did the impossible and woke up at 6:50 on a weekend morning) to get in a long run. The Holiday Half is only 3 weeks away and with Thanksgiving, a Turkey Trot and my birthday taking place next week along with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday prep happening at work, I know the days are going to fly by.

We ran 9.27 miles in 1:40. It was cold and so windy but luckily the rain was nothing more than a light mist during our run. I was glad that I decided to wear a jacket and grabbed some a fleece earwarmer headband that I snagged at Target a couple weeks ago.

It was super nice running with my Dad. I didn’t use my iPod and it made time fly by a lot faster than being stuck inside my head with own crazy thoughts about what I’m getting myself into with this whole running thing.

I also got the chance to try out my newly purchased SpiBelt.


It worked so well I actually checked a couple times to make sure it was still on because I couldn’t feel it at all. My only complaint though, is I came home and started feeling the sting of a nasty bruise in the small of my back. I’m not sure if my Dad’s Blackberry that I carried in the SpiBelt was bumping against my back the whole time or what, but it definitely hurts right where the pack was. Other than that, I love it. It didn’t bother me once during the run and I can deal with a bruised back for a couple days if it means I get to run without carrying my phone and Gu Chomps and Nuun and debit card in my hands.

Although I am really hoping to run the half marathon in a faster pace than we ran this morning, I’m pretty pleased with how I felt today. Especially considering that my fueling last night looked a little like this:

Salt & Pepper Fries w/ Ale Ketchup & Garlic Aoli


Curried Chicken & Apple Salad / Mac & Cheese w/ Salt & Vinegar Crust, Jalapenos & Bacon

Unpictured: Ladyface La Blanche Wit and many bites of smoked apple duck sausage and bratwurst.

It was a good night chauferring these guys:

Will was super offended that I thought his shirt was a picture of Chuck Norris.

I do think they were a bit disappointed that the Danica Bus stopped running at 10:00 last night. They should have joined the party that rolled up in this beast:

Now I’m off to go find myself some Turkey Pants to get ready for Thursday’s festivities.

What are your best pre-long-run fueling tips? 

Anyone else doing a Turkey Trot?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? I love the stuffing, apple and pumpkin pie and this super yummy broccoli dish we have. Also, my aunt’s creamed corn is pretty famous in the family and I usually reserve an entire bowl for it.



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4 responses to “Turkey Pants

  1. Susan Klimusko

    Fun Stuff Danica! Very impressed! 9.27 miles WOW.

  2. One of my favorite pre-long run fueling meals is a pizza. I get those super multi grain flat breads and i put caramelized onion/shallots, goat cheese and grilled chicken on top and bake that until the flat bread is crispy and the cheese is melt-y. Then I make an arugula salad with a simple balsamic and olive oil dressing and put that right on top. I pair that with a glass of wine. I like it because it gives me good carbs+ protein and greens, it fills me up without weighing me down.Or I eat pasta. I also love any excuse to have pasta on a Saturday night. Carbo loading is my favorite. I also never frown upon any (ONE!) alcoholic beverage the night before a race. It helps calm pre-race jitters and helps me sleep.

    • OK now all I can think about it how BADLY I want some goat cheese pizza. Yum! And I’m SO excited you’re going to run! I’ll have my cell phone on me so text me either before or after and I’ll come say hi 🙂 PR TIME!!

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