Lions & Tigers & Garmins

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and survived all the craziness of Black Friday weekend!

I had THE BEST Thanksgiving/Birthday weekend EVER! It started with the usual fun of Thanksgiving, which included massive amounts of food and pie:

I had to include my delicious Mimosa… some people drink wine with their Thanksgiving meal but I say there is nothing wrong with 5:00 pm mimosas.

We had so many people at our house to celebrate, it was great! I parked myself on the couch where the men were all watching football and after about 7 minutes of trying to be interested, I pulled out my current Harry Potter book and spent most of the day reading and having my sisters bring me more mimosas.

Friday was my birthday and I have to say that if my 25th year turns out to be as great as my first weekend then I have a lot to look forward to. I avoided Black Friday in favor of sleeping in and having one of my dad’s famous omlettes for breakfast. My family showered me with some incredible birthday gifts including candles and lotion of Bath & Body Works, a cute tank top that I already got to wear thanks to our 80* weather, some awesome new pink Nike running apparel and GORGEOUS diamond hoops. I felt SO spoiled!

Jason came over as we were finishing breakfast. We had plans to go to the LA Zoo because I’m really 5 not 25, and all I wanted to to go see large cats up close and personal. He totally surprised me with another amazing piece of jewelry:

A Garmin Forerunner!!!!

I was SO surprised – and so excited I wanted to wear it to dinner later that night 😉

After reminding me that the animals were waiting and I could take the Garm on a run later, we set off for the zoo. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking here because I took about 700:

After the zoo, we tried stopping at Portos Bakery for lunch (best bakery ever!), but unfortunately it was closed for the holiday weekend. We settled on a sandwich place in the valley on the way home and after I got us a little lost, we finally ate lunch then headed home to relax a bit before the next part of my birthday extravaganza.

Birthday fun part 2 coming soon!

Did you do any Black Friday shopping?

What’s your favorite animal? I LOVE tigers. I think we spent 15 minutes watching the tiger walk back and forth while I took about 57 pictures of him. So beautiful!



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5 responses to “Lions & Tigers & Garmins

  1. Cherie

    Which Gamin did you get? I’ve had my eye on the 305 for a while now. I’m interested to see how you like yours.

    • I got the Forerunner 210 and I love it! It’s really simple to set up and easy to use and it also has indoor capabilities to track things like treadmill and elliptical workouts. Also, the one I got is designed for women (it’s black and teal – so cute!) so it’s a bit smaller than some of the other ones which is so nice. I don’t know a ton about the 305… my sister has the 410 and seems to love it and my brother wears the Nike GPS Sportwatch so I definitely think it’s all about what works best for YOU. I’d suggest going to a store and trying the different ones on and seeing what the best choice will be for what you want to spend 🙂

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  4. watchloverpieceout1988

    Woooow i am as gealous as a grapefruit!! i’ve got the garmin forerunner 305 and its like a kitchen table when i’m running up a steep downhill road!

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