My First (Hilly) Half Marathon

Well… it came, I ran, and now I’m obsessed. You know that “Runner’s High” phenomenon that makes people go crazy and run for hours and get really sore then find themselves browsing Active for another race two hours later? Yeah, that’s real.

I ran my first half marathon yesterday – The Run Racing Holiday Half in Pomona, and I LOVED it. Despite the nasty hills and the sun being directly in my face for 90% of the race, it was such an amazing, crazy, awesome, fun, exciting experience.

I went into this race telling everyone I wanted to run it under 2:30, but that was a big fat lie. My REAL goal was to run it under 2:20 but for fear of total embarrassment failure I didn’t voice this to anyone but my Dad (who ran it too!) and Jason.

I finished in 2:18:00!! 69/150 for females 25-29. 

Not too shabby for a girl that used to go into asthma-induced fits of delusion when running the mile in P.E. I NEVER in a million years would have imagined myself doing this, but running has become one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences and I can’t wait to do at least 745 more races in my lifetime.

My Dad also ran his first half! We stuck together for the first 10 miles and he would have totally kicked my butt, but his knee started hurting really bad so I went ahead of him for the last 3 miles. He still finished in 2:20:23 even with a knee injury! We kept waiting to see him finish and eventually Jason went off to find him after I insisted it wasn’t going to take him 3 hours to finish. Turns out he finished right behind me and went off to get ice for his knee. I’m so proud of him!!

And a HUGE thanks to my Mom and Jason for coming to cheer us on and play paparazzi!! I love you both!!! I’ll have a full race recap and review as soon as I steal all of the pictures of their cameras (For the record, I really did make my mom bring her paparazzi-style DSLR with the giant lens. I don’t trust race photos, I always look like crap).



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18 responses to “My First (Hilly) Half Marathon

  1. Wooohooo! Congratulations!!!!! Way to go 🙂 You kicked that hilly course’s hiney!! Hope you are still celebrating today girlie!!!

  2. You’re awesome! Congrats to both you and your dad on finishing your first half! Sounds like you’ve got the running bug 😉

  3. Congratulations! That’s awesome–what a great race! And that’s so fun that your dad did it, too. Good for you both! 🙂

  4. Congrats on finishing your first of many halves to come! Congrats to your dad too!

  5. Ah congrats on a good family run and your dad finishing even with knee injuries! It was fun meeting you yesterday morning and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

  6. Viv

    Run, Danica, Run! I think you need a t shirt!

  7. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!! That is so awesome your dad ran too. Love your outfit and that runners high is the BEST!

    • Thanks Janae! I ended up peeling off all the layers before the run, and so glad I did! It got super sunny! Some guy ran the whole thing in a full Santa suit… including the beard! Crazy!

  8. wow! congratulations!
    this was not an easy course
    I was there also!
    I loved that race! imagine what you will do on a flatter course!
    great great job!!!

  9. Congrats on your first half and cheers to many more! The runner’s high is totally addicting!

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