Merry Christmas!

It’s super busy prepping everything for Christmas! Yesterday I managed to squeeze in a 4.44 mile run in 44:04. No clue how I managed such perfect 4-synchronization. What can I say? I’m special. Today I got up early and hit the elliptical for 20 minutes before taking on Body Pump with Misha:

Tiffany & Misha at my birthday

After the sweat sesh, we hit up Coffee Bean for drinks and a little gift exchnage. Isn’t it funny when you and your friends think so alike you buy each other the same gift? We swapped Cranberry Pear Bellini candles from Bath and Bodyworks, and if you haven’t smelled this candle yet I suggest you go fight the mall crowds and do so immediate – Heaven I tell you.

Now the rest of the day is dedicated to baking, camera-charging and laundry doing before we head to church at 5 and follow that up with our annual dinner and Christmas Eve celebration with the family.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Does your family have any Christmas Eve traditions or do you save everything for the Big Day?



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2 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Misha

    Love this post!! Merry Christmas Danica! Love you.

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