Back to Back

I had a great 9 mile run on Saturday, but have spent the last 2 days moping around with a nasty cold. I feel so stuffy I can’t even hear right. Boo.

I have yet to change out of my pajamas and it’s 6:30 PM.

I’m not sure if it was a fit of cold medication-induced delusion or not, but somehow I ended up signing up for another half marathon the week after running in the Great Race of Agoura Pacific Half.

Groupon had a great deal for the Compete Green Ventura Harbor Half on April 1 – 2 entries for $59. My Dad purchased the deal and I scored the second entry. The Groupon deal sold out but I think registration is still open. It looks like a super small race, but it’s pancake flat so I’m looking forward to it. If the Agoura sub-2:10 goal is a total fail, which I hope it won’t be, I will only have to wait a week to try again.

Heidi has offered to be my pacer if I pay her in bones and steak. Unfortunately, her strategy is to sprint for 6 minutes then walk the rest of the way while loudly panting and peeing ever 4 feet. Sorry Dingo, I don’t think it’s going to work out for us.

Now I’m off to eat some hot soup and watch The Voice. Anyone else hooked? I love how Cee Lo holds his cat while being interviewed. He is sooo odd!



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2 responses to “Back to Back

  1. Hooked is not strong enough of a word…
    Obsesssed is more like it…I LOVE the Voice…! I love Adam and Blake!
    Love that Pip guy tonight!

    hope you will feel better…drink ACV in water…nasty but it works

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