Negative Splits Baby

I have never been what I would call a “smart” runner. A lot of the time my strategy just revolves around trying not to trip or hyperventilate too much while running a pace that isn’t completely embarrassing. Well tonight, this happened and I have no idea how:


Um, what? I don’t know if it was the cool weather, the time change that allows me to run at 5:30PM instead of 5:30AM, or maybe the 7 clementines I’ve eaten today but I was felling GOOD.


Don’t you love the close-up arm shot? I moonlight as a professional photographer. After I got back from my run I made Jason unglue himself from the hockey game for a minute to get some photographic proof that I actually remembered to refuel and stretch this time.


Can I just add that I can’t believe it’s taken me almost a year of having this blog to finally use Windows Live Writer! It’s a lifesaver. You can finally expect more frequent posts now that I don’t have to deal with WordPress’s janky photo-upload process.

Time to go… dinner’s on the stove and I need to eat and shower before the best part of the week:

It’s Walking Dead night!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you don’t have too much trouble waking up tomorrow morning thanks to 6AM feeling like 5.


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  1. Viv

    I was hoping for tutti fruiti 2nite

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