Time Change Woes

No joke guys, I was struggling  today. I even went to sleep at my normal 10:00 time (really 9:00?) and woke up at 6 but holy smokes I was lagging all day.

Funny Workplace Ecard: I hope daylight savings hasn't thrown off your schedule of doing nothing.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person struggling with the time change today though. I decided to mix it up a bit and purchase a deal for 10 classes at a gym near my office. The mix of classes looked a lot different from the usual offering at 24 Hour Fitness. Unfortunately, the instructor pulled off my BIGGEST pet peeve and started the class late – meaning the class ended late. Did she not get my memo that if I don’t eat by 7:30 I become the meanest, grouchiest person ever and basically snap at anyone that crosses my path? Rude.

I tried out this class:

RIP-Power Dumbbell workout burns more calories and helps speed up the metabolism.

It ended up being a lot like Body Pump, but the instructor wasn’t peppy enough to motivate me and the music was pretty meh. Body Pump – 1, RIP – 0.

I am definitely going to be sore, but I feel like 90% of the motivation of going to a gym class vs. working out alone comes from the class being fun. RIP just made me feeling like this:

I still have 9 classes left on my certificate so I guess I need to stick it out but I think I’m going to skip RIP and try out Thursday night’s step class. Maybe I’ll be slightly more coordinated than I am in Zumba.

What’s your favorite gym class? I used to love taking the mat Pilates classes but none of the times are convenient. I think Body Pump is my favorite now.

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