It’s Ragnar Time!!

After many, many months of planning, emails, facebook groups, sponsor-seeking and list-making – IT’S FINALLY RAGNAR RELAY WEEKEND!


I spent the last 2 days packing and repacking until I finally felt satisfied that I had enough without having too much.


My outfit for each leg (4.9 mi, 3.8 mi, 11.1 mi) is carefully stashed in a Ziploc bag so I can easily toss the sweaty clothes back in a bag and grab my whole next outfit out of a new bag without frantically having to search through the van for another sock or sports bra.

Tonight I’ll be roadtripping down to Orange County with our newest team member Sharon, who was a total lifesaver and joined when we had a last minute opening! And, in less than 24 hours, our So Much Cooler Online 12-man team will be off and running! The Ultra Team has a slightly later start so all of us in van 2 will be meeting up with them Friday morning to decorate the vans.

If anyone wants to follow along (and possibly win some cool giveaways along the route) follow us on Twitter:



Van 1
Runner 1: Shannon@hungrygazelle
Runner 2: Becka @squirrelgirl44
Runner 3: Heather @hmgiraffy
Runner 4: Julie @julie16750
Runner 5: Sandy @bicbands
Runner 6: Madison @Borntorun77
Van 2
Runner 7: Ashley @prettyfittie
Runner 8: Linzay @brokerunner
Runner 9: Me! @GTR_Danica
Runner 10: Erica @cajun_runner
Runner 11: Sharon
Runner 12: Elisabeth @ewallerscott

SkinnyRunner @skinnyrunnerSR
SarahOUAL @SarahOUaL
HauteRunningMama @hauterunningmama
Margot @FasterBunny
Chiara @lil_yogini

(Big thanks to Heather for putting together this Twitter list!)

Some more huge THANK YOUs to our sponsors for preventing us from becoming dehydrated or having to run naked:

BIC Bands

Run Pretty Far (Wait until you see the tanks we’ll be rocking – too cute!)
Hydrated by:
Compressed by:
Aspaeris Pivot Shorts
Pro Compression Socks
And fueled by:

And a final GIGANTIC thanks to our 3 (male – poor boys) drivers and our AWESOME volunteers – you guys ROCK!

Holy crap this is really happening. 18 girls, 3 vans, 203.5 miles. This is going to be fun. Or crazy. Or insane. But probably all three.



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2 responses to “It’s Ragnar Time!!

  1. I’m running The Relay (Calistoga to Santa Cruz) next month which is similar to Ragnar, so I’m excited to read about your experience with this relay! Great idea putting your running outfits in ziplock bags…I’ll definitely be passing that little trick onto my team! Have a great time 🙂

    • It was SO fun! I’ll have a post up soon with all the details but you are seriously going to love running a relay! It’s exhausting but worth every second. The ziplock bags were a lifesaver but one thing worth mentioning that we forgot – bring Febreeze for the van. It gets pretty funky in there haha. Good luck!

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