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Nice to See You Again

I should just change my middle name from Lynne to Slacker. Or Procrastinator. Or maybe I should just stop immediately logging on to Pinterest every time I turn on my computer and actually blog for once. I can’t help it though. How can I resist pinning wonderful pieces of magic like this:

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Or this:

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Or, better yet, THIS:

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Luckily, I also like to do this almost as much as I love sweets.

[image from prettyfittie’s ragnar recap]

And I’ve been doing a good amount of running in preparation for this:

In just under 3 weeks I’ll be taking on my first 26.2. I feel like I should be more nervous than I am right now, but I’m sure the nerves will sink in sometime the weekend before while I’m relaxing by a pool in Vegas during taper week and mentally freaking out that I should be running instead.

On Saturday I ran my longest run to date – 15.5 miles:


My plan was to run 18 miles and I honestly could have done 2.5 more but our town is deceivingly small and I needed to run the same loop twice to get in the mileage. Little did I know there would be a massive street fair happening halfway through my second loop. The good news was I was able to pick up free water and a free berry smoothie for some refueling, but it also made it difficult to keep running so I cut it a little short. I probably got in the last 2.5 walking around the mall later anyways.

I held a steady 10:41 pace through the 15.5 which is actually less than the 11:10 pace that my training plan had me running. I even ran the first 13.1 in 2:17 – a minute faster than my first half and 2 minutes faster than the Agoura Half!

Today’s plan is 4-5 miles with Jason after work. Running with him has been great because it forces me to keep a pace around 8:50-9:10. Running with him has also been terrible because it forces me to keep a pace around 8:50-9:10. Seriously. 1 or 2 or even 3 miles at that is fine, but when I start hitting that 5+ mile range I basically feel like my legs are going to fall off. It really is great though because it takes all the mental work away from me and I just follow him and try to catch up. I can already tell I’m getting stronger and faster and maybe if he really gets into running with me there will be a sub-2 half in our future.

Well I’m off to another day of listening to “90s Hits of the Summer” Pandora while sadly staring out the office window at the hills blocking my view of the beach I’d rather be at today. Seriously, Summer at my job is torture. We’re not even 20 minutes down the road to Malibu and nothing makes me happier than lounging at the beach with a good Young Adult Fiction book and Venti Iced Green Tea. Boo to being responsible.

Anyone else racing Ojai2Ocean?

I know this girl, this girl and this girl will be there looking to score some big PRs so send them some good luck vibes!

Any tips/advice/warnings for my first marathon?

Got any fun vacations planned?



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