The Night Before: O2O

Excuse me while I freak the eff out. It’s the night before my first marathon, I’m sort of doubting myself, I keep thinking my knees hurt, and I’m worried about everything from Porta Potties to when to take gels to which socks to wear ( compression or no?).

But most of all

I’m really freaking excited.


(Drinks weren’t consumed today – but I might be thinking about one of those bad boys as soon as I hit that finish line).

I can’t wait to post an update tomorrow, but in the meantime – good luck to everyone else running O2O (sarah, nicole, madison, cha cha who is running as the volunteer 4:25 pacer)!!

Marathon #1 – Let’s Do This.




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6 responses to “The Night Before: O2O

  1. GOOD LUCK! can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

  2. AHHH Good luck! I know you’ll do great 🙂 I’m doing the Santa Barbara Marathon in November so I have a while to train – when you finish, I’ll be asking you for tips!!!! 🙂

  3. Danica! How did you do on your first marathon? I forgot this was your first. I hope you had a great race! Looking forward to reading all about it.

    • It went better than I thought it would for the first one 🙂 I actually held back a bit at the beginning which I think helped me get a surge of energy at mile 17 and I never hit that wall, but I can’t wait to run it again next year and try to beat my time – 4:59:35 haha. How did it go for you? I saw all the other girls but looked and never saw you. We all need a reunion soon 🙂

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