Post Race Sneak Peek

My Dad, Me, My Brother Michael







Unfortunately, I had to be a real adult and go to work today so while I’m compressing in my cubicle, eating my entire lunch before 11am and wishing I was home blogging all about my first marathon experience – here is a picture of all of us after our first marathon. My Dad finished in 5:12, me in 4:49 and Michael (I am not even sure he actually trained for this) in 3:17 (????) (#crazykid).



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4 responses to “Post Race Sneak Peek

  1. What? Sketchy training and came in at 3:17? Where’s the hamper, so that I can throw in that towel. Kudoes to you and the fam!

  2. Way to go! I also ran this weekend in the San Diego RnR with my little brother, helping him finish his first marathon in 4 hours! Such a great feeling 🙂

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