Ojai 2 Ocean Race Reveiw

Continuing on from my last post

After the race, we headed over to the beer garden for a celebratory brew.


And since my brother looked all sad and lonely standing on the other side of the orange fence, they let him in too.


I  thought this race was really well done. The course was absolutely gorgeous. At times it didn’t even feel like we were running in Southern California.


Madison had mentioned the lack of water stations last year so I carried my own bottle of Nuun but they really did seem to have aid station ever couple of miles.

They also handed out gels at a few of the stations, but I took my own preferred Gu’s in Chocolate Outrage, Peanut Butter and Espresso Love. Thank God, because Michael said the ones they gave were a bit nasty. Like snot nasty.

They also had a ton of things right at the finish line like bagels, orange slices (cold!), bananas, water, Gat0rade and Clif bars.

The only real negative about this race was the lack of bathrooms at the shuttle pick-up.

I’ve actually said multiple times that I will definitely be running O2O again. I’m still not sure if next year I’ll take on the full again or try for a major PR in the half, but overall I would tell everyone to try this race at least once.

Now off to start a busy Saturday of oil changes and trips to Lowes and Home Depot. Exciting lives we lead!


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