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Post Race Sneak Peek

My Dad, Me, My Brother Michael







Unfortunately, I had to be a real adult and go to work today so while I’m compressing in my cubicle, eating my entire lunch before 11am and wishing I was home blogging all about my first marathon experience – here is a picture of all of us after our first marathon. My Dad finished in 5:12, me in 4:49 and Michael (I am not even sure he actually trained for this) in 3:17 (????) (#crazykid).



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Half Marathon Mile Dedications – Pt. 1

My first 13.1 is going to be tough, but I think keeping these people in mind through the race will motivate me to stay strong and push hard to the end. So without further ado – here are my mile dedications for (the first half of) my first half marathon:

Miles 1 – 2:

My Mom & Dad – They’ve always been there for me through all my “firsts”. From my first steps to my first day of school to my first job, they have been there for all of my ups and down. It’s only fitting that I dedicate the first two miles of my first half marathon to the best parents in the world.

Miles 3, 4 & 5:

Alli, Michael and Maddi – Being the oldest of four kids isn’t always easy but it sure as heck is NEVER boring. I have the craziest, funniest, most sarcastically awesome BEST little siblings. Without them, the last 20 years would not have nearly the number of great and hilarious memories. I plan to spend these three miles trying to think of Christmas presents for you guys…

Mile 6:

Nanny & Grampy – I like to think I got my love of wine from this side of the family 🙂 And they got their rockin’ grandparent nicknames from their first grandaughter. Like my parents, they have been there for me through everything and I plan to push through the halfway mark for them.

Mile 7:

Grandma & Grandad (& Nikki!) – Obviously, I get my love of dogs from them! My grandparents have been there for me for a whopping 25 years and counting. With 5 kids, and countless grandkids, they have worked hard and I plan to work hard on mile 7 for them.

Miles 1 – 7 are all about family. They inspire me every day and I can’t wait to be a source of inspiration for them. Tomorrow, I’ll have miles 8-13 posted. Til then, it’s time to go carbo-load at the team Christmas party followed by craft night with my favorite ladies! Let’s hope I have some hidden wreath-making talent or I wasted $20 on felt and ribbon…


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