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Saturday Morning Catch-Up

I set my alarm for 7am so I could do 4 miles before a day of wine tasting with a group of girlfriends, but then I woke up and the coffee smelled too good and I decided that blogging about running is just as productive as actually going for a run. Right? Well, I promise to make up for it with 4 miles tomorrow.

Since I’ve been a less-than-consistent blogger this week, I thought I would play a little game of catch-up and let you know my top 10 things of the week:

1. Last Sunday was my Dad’s birthday. We celebrated with some delicious BBQ and of course – BIRTHDAY CAKE. Thankfully, there were enough people to finish most of the cake that night so I wasn’t digging into it all week.

2. On Monday, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill in 42 minutes. That’s the fasted I’ve ever run 4 miles. I usually end up anywhere between 45 – 46 minutes. It was on the treadmill, so it was flat, but it was on the treadmill so it was boring. And would have been so easy to give up and hit that STOP button.

3. On Tuesday, I met up with Megan for mani/pedi’s and a delish dinner of salad and french fries. At least this time we had salad – our last dinner together was mozarella sticks and french fries. And beer. Always.

4. On Tuesday, I also woke up at 5:30am to get in a 3-mile run with my dad so I wouldn’t have to ruin my pedicure with running shoes later that night.

5. I also decided that I really want a the new Brooks PureProject shoes and since I didn’t do a Want Wednesday this week, here it is – Want Saturday. These babies:

6. I want it to be FALLI think Fall is my favorite time of year and right now I’ve become really excited because J and I have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to be for Halloween. We totally have to up the ante on our awesome Legends of the Hidden Temple costumes from last year.

7. I’m going wine tasting today! I know I just mentioned that at the beginning but I’m really excited because I love wine and we’re going to this great place in Malibu where you can bring your own picnic. Wine, fruit, veggies and hummus… sign me up!

8. Last night we went to BJ’s with Jodi and Casey. I had some more delicious beer and we got this great deal they have right now. $20 gets you 2 side salads or soups, one medium pizza and a pizookie. J and I had garden salads and our favorite Buffalo Chicken Pizza. We tried to swap out the Pizookie for the Strawberry Shortcake so it would be less heavy, but no luck. So we had a chocolate chip Pizookie but had to sadly leave most of it behind because we were already stuffed. Also, FAUXleo went out this window much of this week, but my lunches were mostly salads!!

9. My little brother left for college yesterday! It makes me feel SO old knowing he’s in college. He’ll be running Cross Country and I can’t wait to go watch some of the meets. Luckily he’s less than an hour away so we don’t have to miss him too much. He’s also going to my college so I feel especially proud 🙂

10. And finally – the past 2 months of waiting our over! Tomorrow night, J and I will be seeing DANIEL TOSH’S TOSH TOUR ON ICE!! I got J the tickets for his birthday and it’s finally here! We love Tosh.0 so we are so excited to see his stand-up live.

So that’s it for my week and now I need to shower, get ready, go buy food and get cash for today because I do everything last minute.

What are your weekend plans?


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