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Want Wednesday: A Gym Bag

I had another successful morning run today. My dad and I went out and just did 2 quick miles at 5:30. We were planning on 3, but we brought the Heidi and she’s too dumb to understand that if she didn’t spend the first mile of every run sprinting and tugging her leash then she wouldn’t tire out and practically need to be carried after just 2 miles. She also turns her head to stare at rabbits and then runs into parked cars. Gotta love her.

I also ran 2.5 miles at the gym last night. I was planning on 4 but I was just struggling. I drank a Venti iced coffee late in the afternoon before a client meeting and was super jittery by the time I got to the gym so my heart kept beating oddly fast. Freaks me out when that happens. So since today wasn’t even supposed to be a run day I guess my 2 miles makes up for yesterday getting cut short.

After work, I’m off to Pump class for an hour. I realized this morning while I was throwing my gym clothes into a random tote bag that one thing I really want is a legit gym bag. One with compartments for my iPod and stuff and a zipper so my stuff isn’t falling out everywhere. Normally I am super indecisive and list like 5 different things I want, but when it comes to the gym bag I’m pretty set on a custom Nikeid duffle bag in purple, yellow and crimson. I wish I could add a picture but my computer is being super freaky tonight and decided to make life difficult. Instead, here is a picture of me with my favorite dogs. Oh and my boyfriend. 



And finally, on a completely unrelated note… I think I blacked out and went temporarily insane because I have committed to doing the So Cal Ragnar Relay in April with some amazeballs runner ladies. A lot of my favorite bloggers will be on the team and if you are one of them, or anyone else who has some super awesome training advice to offer (that doesn’t include cutting out candy, coffee or good beer) I would LOVE to hear it. But more on that in my next post.

Until then, goodnight. I’m off to consider showering (now that I finished this post-Pump class) but let’s be honest I think I’m just going to go finish The Hunger Games eat the last half of my box of Swedish Fish. Goodnight!!


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Want Wednesday: Fall (Running) Fashion

Fall is coming and I couldn’t be more excited! I LOVE Fall. I think it has something to do with my birthday being in November, my love of Halloween, the Christmas goodies that enter every store late September… I just love it all! 

Living in SoCal obviously has its perks, but for someone who loves Fall as much as I do, dealing with 80+ weather well into November is not exactly a perk. I get SO SAD when all the amazing boots, sweaters, scarves and coats start piling into my favorite stores because I know I won’t be able to fully enjoy them until around January. But one thing I think I will get to enjoy will be some great new cold weather running apparel.

Even though the weather stays pretty warm, where I live we get some CRAZY wind starting around September and October. Once when I was in high school, the swing set in our backyard blew over on top of the fence. My dad had to hold it with a rope until the fire department could come and keep it from toppling down the hill. We’ve had our garage dented by wind, trees, ripped out of the ground, and driving on the freeway is an adventure and I thank my lucky stars I’ve always stuck to low profile vehicles.

I am really looking forward to investing in a couple key pieces that I will need to keep out the chill on my morning runs that I hope to get more into doing. Some of my favorites are:

1. Nike Women’s Low-Rise Running Capris – $40

2. New Balance Colorblocked Tempo Long Sleeve – $30

3. New Balance Sequence Running Jacket 2.0 – $50


I’m definitely about to get on a major New Balance kick. My NB shorts are my favorite of all my running shorts (followed by the Nike Heros, then the Nike Tempos). NB just came out with a TON of new, and super cute and comfy, running clothes at Sports Authority and I’m patiently awaiting my next coupon for 25% 🙂 Until then, my bank account and I will just have to wait until my favorite time of year – Fall + Birthday + Gift Cards = New Running Clothes.

And if I happen to wake up one day and realize I miraculously have $178 to spend on a cute jacket, I would totally add this to my WW list.

What are you favorite running clothes? I’m in serious need of comfy, well-fitting tops if anyone has advice on those.

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Want Wednesday: Safety Edition

Today’s Want Wednesday is brought to you by my fear of running at 6:00 PM when cars are out and I feel like I could possibly get run over by the neighborhood soccer mom hauling you-know-what in her gas guzzling SUV to get her 6 screaming children to practice. Not that that almost happened or anything.

I hate thinking of worst-case scenarios, but like the saying goes:

Better safe than sorry!

As runners, we are definitely at a safety risk when running along streets, in bike paths, on trails, etc. There are a few items I want to invest in, especially as we get closer to Fall and running in darker conditions. So without further ado, my wants for this Wednesday:

1. Road ID Wrist ID – $15.99 – $29.99


As morbid as it sounds, and I much as I hope I never actually have a use for it, I think a Road ID sport band is an important thing to have. I’m planning to order mine soon and I think it’s important for everyone to wear one, or have some form of ID with emergency contacts, when running alone. I just have to think of a good quote to put on mine!

2. Spibelt – $19.95

I’ve been wanting one of these guys for a while now too. The company claims they don’t bounce, and you can fit all everything from your phone, iPod and keys to 5 gels in the little stretchy belt. Very convenient since I’m planning to find some new running routes that might require me to drive and keep all that stuff with me. Lord knows I can’t run with anything other than a water bottle in my hands.

3. A good running light like the Road ID Firefly – $12.99

Now that it’s getting darker out earlier and will probably be be getting foggy and maybe rainy (in SoCal? we’ll see) I think one of these will be an important addition to my running gear. Especially since I’m hoping to be running longer distances which means venturing out into some streets that have more than 2 or 3 cars go by every 20 minutes. I want to be SEEN! 

So now I just need to save up my money (so difficult with all the Fall fashion previews everywhere) and start investing in my running safety!

Today I did the second 3-miler of my training at a slowww 10:20 pace. But, it was on the treadmill and I just wasn’t feeling the treadmill after my nice outdoor run yesterday. Looking forward to 3 more miles tomorrow!

Here are a few pictures that I never posted from last weekend. We went to visit our friends out in Irvine and had dinner at Sol Cocina and followed it up with a harbor cruise through Newport – after I got my AMAZING chocolate and peanut-covered frozen banana. Enjoy!

Bulldog Margaritas!









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Want Wednesday

I’ve decided to start my first official weekly blog segment – Want Wednesdays! As anyone who runs consistently is probably aware, running isn’t cheap. Sure, you don’t need a membership to a gym to get out and put in a few miles, but the common misconception is that “all you need is a pair of shoes”.


I’ve been running in 5k races for about 3 years now, but only in the last 6 months have I become a more serious runner. I’ve also started to see more and more of my paycheck ending up at Sports Authority and Zappos’ athletic section than at Express and Steve Madden (my usual go-to’s for my entire wardrode). Since I don’t have unlimited funds to blow on new Nike Tempos and LuLuLemon tanks, I decided that each week I’ll compile a little list of the things I’m lusting after (they may not always be running related).

So without further ado, here are the top things I’m wanting today:

Lululemon run:for your life tank – $64

Nike Animal Print Compression Shorts – $20

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s in Purple – $100 (I’ve got them in blue and now I’m totally digging these)

House on the beach so I can run while staring at the ocean – Millions of $$$

A girl can dream right?

What’s on your running or non-running wish list?



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