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The Start of a Good Weekend

I just got back from a delicious dinner at an Indian restaurant. The same restaurant I went to last week before the half. The same restaurant where I only ate naan and rice because I was afraid of what it might to do to me when running 13.1 miles the next day.

It was worth the wait. Food coma. Nothing beats girl time with beer and spicy food. And naan. Nothing beats the naan.


Since I’m delirious from the amount of food I just consumed I just wanted to throw this little gem out there and then I’m going to call it a night:


Um, what? Where did that 8:40 pace come from? No clue. I was feeling really good though. I guess it’s time to crush another PR next week.


Seriously. Where did this run come from? I honestly set out to run a 9:30 pace. Who am I?

I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a good start as well! Today is my Friday and my office had vanilla sprinkle donuts this morning so I think it’s safe to say this is going to be a great long weekend!



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10 Things for Tuesday

1. Catching up on workouts – I ran 3 miles on Saturday followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical and a legs workout. I wanted to do a long run but when I woke up to the rain I decided to hit the gym and save the 10-miler for this weekend. So unhardcore I know… Sunday I was lazy and yesterday’s workout consisted of a 50-minute elliptical session that was intense.

2. I love the holidays and everything about them, and I am listening to Christmas music already, but I really feel it’s a little early for this:

Get it together SVTC. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

3. The above picture was taken while tripping around our local “Mall”. I put it in quotes because it barely deserves to be called a mall. They couldn’t even keep a Forever 21. And the stores they do have choose to stock very odd assortment of items. I go to Macy’s and can’t find a single cute sweater or dress that I saw on the website, but I did spot this gem:

The bow is bigger than the headband part – which mean’s the bow is bigger than the wearer’s head. NO.

4. I finally got my haircut after almost a year:

I went to a new place thanks to a great deal I scored online ($19 for conditioning treatment + cut & blowdry). It barely looks any different because I just asked her to clean up the ends but I’m happy to not have frizzy split ends now. And the place was too darn cute:

It looks like a little house! It’s a historic building so they can’t change the outside (which I think actually used to be a house) so they just rolled with the theme and made it the cutest, coziest salon.

5. I have a new obsession. I tend to find something I really like, eat/drink it every day for 3 months straight, then burn out completely. Right now, that thing is hot cocoa:

J makes the best homemade hot cocoa, but since I can’t get him to get up extra early each morning to make me a cup and bring it to my house before I leave for work, I had to settle for some cocoa from the cafe at Gelson’s. Not J’s amazing recipe, but still tasty for $2. I especially loved the sprinkles.

6. I finally bought new cross-trainers for the gym since my old ones were covered in mud after the Gladiator run (and were about 100 years old). Now I can finally stop wearing my Brooks for elliptical days.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly score!

7. I loved the Twilight books, but I only saw the first movie and hated it. Such bad acting! Needless to say, the only Breaking Dawn hype I care about will just be seeing the pictures of Rob in US Weekly and People from all the red carpet events. I have decided that R-Patz needs to just keep his mouth shut and be pretty. I liked him better as Cedric Diggory anyways. I don’t know why they had to kill him off in HP. So sad.

That ring came off of a cupcake from a 25-year-old man’s birthday. Love it.

8. I found my dream car:

Why yes, that is a hot pink Mini Cooper.

9. I love this time of year because of weather that makes my drive home look like this:

10. And finally – my birthday is in 10 days! I’m going to be 1/4 of a century and that is freaking me the you-know-what out. When I was a naive little 15-year-old, I totally believed I’d have my life all figured out by this point. How wrong I was. But regardless, I have fun, love my life, like my job most of the time, have the best boyfriend on earth, live at home for free (seriously, major perk), and I’m pretty darn happy. I’m also determined to make 25 the best year ever. So here’s to my last 10 days of being able to round down to 20 and not up to 30.

That is not my cake but I would like it to be (hint hint)…

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I FINALLY ran the 9-mile training run I’ve been struggling to get through – and it was GREAT! I got up yesterday morning to see the temperature was 47* – such an improvement from the last few weekends that it was 80+. I ate half of a Blueberry Crisp Clif Bar and out on my awesome Don’t Stop shirt from SkinnyRunner for some motivation.

Demonstrating my awesome running pose and self-timer picture skills.

I briefly debated wearing a light hoodie because it was SO much colder outside that I’m used to, but I’m glad I didn’t. During the first mile I thought my ringers were going to get frostbite and fall off and I swear my nose had a layer of ice in it, but once I warmed up I felt great and was glad I hadn’t worn any extra layers.

I took Shotbloks at miles 3 and 6 and starting sipping my lemon-lime NUUN along with them. I ended up finishing the 9 miles in 1:30! My goal was to keep a 10-minute pace the whole time and thanks to remembering my Nike+ I was able to do just that. I will admit, I pause my + at every stoplight and I am so looking forward to the half marathon when I won’t have to deal with ridiculously long lights!

When I got home, my mom was heading out to take my sister to a local breakfast spot called Chef Burger and said she’d treat me to breakfast if I came along. I got the All American Breakfast – 2 eggs, hashbrowns, 2 pancakes and bacon and I inhaled it (with a little help from my mom on the pancakes and hashbrowns).

There was so much food it came in 2 separate containers! I have to say, the pancakes were some of the best I have ever had – partly thanks to the amazing VANILLA maple syrup. To. Die. For.

After breakfast, I decided to do the right thing for my tired legs so I foam-rolled like it was my job and took the time to do 15 minutes of stretching after. This really paid off because I’m not sore at all today!

The rest of the day was spent out and about in Westwood with J as we had to use a Groupon to a framing store before it expired (in two days!). We dropped off the poster we were framing, split a sandwich at a cute little deli, then I had to swing by my 3rd home for a hot chocolate in a HOLIDAY CUP (YAY!!):

Those “No Peeking Until the Holidays” boxes are really doing a number on my already major lack of patience. I am itching for a new Starbucks Holiday Mug and I can’t wait to see what is in those boxes! I have a special requirement for my coffee mugs – the handle has to be big enough for me to get my whole hand through it for optimal hot drink comfort. I hope the new Christmas mugs are nice and big!

Last night was spent playing with the stray cat that lives in J’s neighborhood (we named him Paul):

After petting Paul for a bit, we headed over to Jodi and Casey’s for a delish dinner of Chicken Parmesan, spaghetti and salad with cookies and ice cream for dessert. The food was so good and I scarfed it all down before remembering to even get my camera out!

Today’s plan is to just be as lazy and possible and watch Harry Potter and The Walking Dead with J. I’m already meeting th elazy requirement with my outfit of yoga pants, a sweatshirt and UGGs 🙂

Congrats to everyone who ran RnR Savannah and the ING NY Marathon!!! I can’t wait to read all the race recaps from the weekend!


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Party in the (Team) USA

I decided to take the weekend off from long runs since my ankle has felt tight for the last couple days. Yesterday morning I hit the gym and did 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by a 40-minute leg workout. I used all the different leg machines at the gym and I am feeling it today!

Last night we went to a Halloween party hosted by our friends Jen & Mat. We had a blast and I loved seeing how creative people were with their costumes.

Jason and I as Team USA Ping Pong Champs

Tiffany and Aaron as the Potatoheads – They even had different pieces you could put on the faces!

Jen made the Taco Bell Hot Sauce costumes – too cute!

How pretty is that Belle costume??!

We had such a great time at the party and didn’t get home until 2am. Unfortunately, my camera died after only a few pictures so I didn’t get any of the other costumes. There was a hypochondriac, a Wall-E and Eve, the Flintstones and so many other great costumes. It amazes me how creative people are when it comes to thinking up ideas for Halloween.

Tomorrow is our work party and we spent a lot of time decorating on Friday afternoon. I’ll be sure to get some pictures. After work, I think I’m going to go for a run through the neighborhood to see how people have decorated. We have some exciting tricks at our house for the Trick or Treaters 🙂

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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Weekend Recap

Just got back from a great 3.28 mile run with Tiffany. I finally got around to purchasing one of those c9 babydoll tanks from Target (clearance!) and wore it tonight. I need to go buy 8 more, like, now.

Where did the last 3 days go?? Seriously… the weekend goes by way too fast. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I was SO disappointed that this garden gnome costume didn’t come in a size XXXL because I REALLY wanted it. I bet you think I’m kidding, but I couldn’t be more serious.

Megan and I met up for Happy Hour at Elephant Bar. $6.50 for a veggie burger, sweet potato fries and a beer. Can’t beat that.

And a shout out to Megan since you told me you read this… I need to start an extreme couponing page for you.

Baked these cookies, but subbed the spice cake mix for devil’s food.

They may not look pretty, but they tasted SO good.

Jason cooked an amazing dinner of Thai Peanut Chicken over rice. Recipe coming soon!

I helped by cutting and eating a delicious honeydew melon, but apparently there is a wrong way to cut melons because J took over partway through.

On Saturday we went to Jodi’s parents house to enjoy the beautiful weather and celebrate Casey’s 26th birthday!

Jodi and Casey

J and I

I was too busy scarfing down the amazing feast of smoked pulled pork, pasta salad, coleslaw and BBQ beans to remember to take a picture, but believe me, it was amazing.

Sunday was spent cleaning my highly disorganized room and throwing out 63 tubes of mascara. Then, J and I walked around Home Goods and Bed Bath & Beyond to get out and kill some time looking at giant clocks and glittery Halloween decorations. I also decided that one day I will need one of these:

A DONUT MAKER! So necessary in my life.

This morning I felt a little under the weather to I had to make an Emergen-C cocktail and follow it up with a salad beast for lunch:

Oh and I totally took about 18 self-timer pictures of me with my salad while sitting in the Gelson’s parking lot only to look up and see a car full of old ladies watching me. It’s cool though, I know all you bloggers understand.

How was your weekend? Do you ever get weird looks from people for taking a million pictures of your food? No, just me…?


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A Muddy Saturday

As I write this post I am still finding mud in my hair and ears… even after a hose down, a shower and a bath. I think I am going to be tracking mud behind me for a week.

The morning started bright and early – J, Kyle and I took off at 7:00 to head to Pasadenda for the Gladiator Rock N Run at the Rose Bowl.

Can you tell who the morning person is in the relationship?

We got to the Rose Bowl, and had some time to kill before our wave started so I did some posing:

Then I graced the boys with my presence for a team picture:

At 9:30, we took off on the 5k+ trail through and around the famous Pasadena Rose Bowl. One of the coolest things was actually running into the Rose Bowl and then trying not to die while running the stairs.

A little blurry thanks to Kyle’s high-tech water-and-mudproof camera function (a plastic sandwich bag haha!)

Then we ran around and around through obstacles like a mud tunnel, over a wall (little did I know the first wall was the small wall), over some giant spools, over a mountain of tires then through a forest of tire swings and giant balls being flung at us, through a pool of ice water, over a mountain of mud, carrying a bag of rice to a Buddha, army crawling through a swamp, climbing up and down a rope ladder, and finally up and over THE BEAST.

Kyle at the top of THE BEAST

And then we crossed the finish line as a team.

Overall, it was a REALLY fun experience. There were a few things I didn’t get, like why it was chip-timed when all the big obstacles would be so backed up you had to wait in a 5-10 min line, but I had a great time running it with the boys and would definitely say that everyone should do a mud run once in their life. 

I just hope they used that fancy spa mud so I will wake up tomorrow with magically soft, glowing, flawless skin.

Now I’m off to watch obscene amounts of TV on Instant Netflix and veg out all day. Tomorrow is a long run – 8 miles! If I make it, check back tomorrow for a re-cap. 

Have you ever done a mud run? 


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Out of My Rut

See this:

That’s me… stretching, drinking chocolate almond milk and SMILING because I got over my 4-mile rut and did 6 miles this morning in 1:05. I’m SO excited that I finally conquered this. I set out to do 6 miles one time before but it was in July and about 90 degrees with the sun BEATING down on me so I walked about half. Today I powered through and luckily the weather was great for the first 3 miles. Cloudy, cool and a little breezy. The last 3 back the sun came out but knowing that I was getting closer with every step kept me going.

I discovered a secret. Rather than trying to run longer runs through my excessively hilly neighborhood, I will now be driving a mile down the hill to the flat, main street, doing my run, then driving myself up the hill home. So much better. I only almost got hit once by an old lady who didn’t feel the need to stop at a stop sign and when I had to pee I was able to run into Coffee Bean. So much better than my usual method of suffering through it. TMI? I got stopped at every light though, so my Nike+ said 1:06 when I got back and I decided it must have been at least a minute of waiting at lights (6 there and 6 back) so I’m gonna go with 1:05. Congrats to me!

Now I’m icing my hips, knees and ankles while watching the freakshow that is Toddlers & Tiaras. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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