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Long Run and Weekend Fun

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday! The weekends seem to fly by lately and that’s not ok with me. I live for the weekends! Long runs, hanging with friends, sleeping in and wearing my holiest jeans, excuses to not wash my hair… All my favorite things.

The weekend started off right with manicures for Tiff and I before we celebrated National Margarita Day.


I must say that I make some dang good margaritas.


Saturday morning started with a 12.5 mile hilly run for Jas and I. We decided to tackle 2 of our favorite routes combined. We’ve done both routes a number of times but never combined the two loops and let me tell you – it was a challenge!


But it came with some rewarding views:

(Image from http://homebuysblog.com because I didn’t carry my phone to take a picture of the gorgeous view)

After our run I made the most killer dinner I have ever made. I’m not the best cook but every once in a while I end up with some winners and this knockoff Cafe Rio salad was a major hit.


I’ll have the original recipe along with my tweaks up this week. Now Jas and I are settling in to enjoy the rest of our night watching the Oscars and eating leftovers. I hope JLaw wins best actress… I loveeeee her!!


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Stupid Foot

So my foot has been numb for a couple weeks now. That’s not normal right?


Rather than go to someone with a PhD and have them tell me (again) how running is bad for your joints and blah blah blah I decided to just let the people at Roadrunner Sports diagnose me. The guy said it could be a combination of my shoelaces being too tight and landing on my forefoot rather than my midfoot. So I did what he said and took a week off of running to ice and cross train and hopefully get the feeling back. And yes that is a frozen wine bag on my foot in the above picture.

So this past week was spent doing some of this:


And a little of this:


And maybe a tiny bit of sulking and temper tantruming on Saturday when my dad and Jason went out on a 10 mile run in perfect weather without me.

So tonight I’m off to run for the first time in a week and I’m pretty freaking excited about it. Wish me luck and pray to the RunGods that I can feel my toes after.


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