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Cone of Shame!

I feel like I’m still catching up from the long weekend. Work has been absolutely insane and all I can think about is how I cannot wait for it to be October when some of the craziness will settle down until the holiday shopping season starts up. Luckily, I work in advertising, not retail – so as long as I stay on top of things and get everything set up before Thanksgiving, it’ll hopefully be smooth sailing into the new year.

Now, I really wish I didn’t already have holidays and new years on my mind. It was just Labor Day! And it feels far from Fall right now as I sit here boiling hot at 9PM. Ugh. Hate the heat. But Labor Day was a great day of pool lounging, eating too much and backyard beer pong. Yesterday I had to get back into the swing of things with my first speed workout, and today I took it easy on the elliptical. It was supposed to be a rest day but I felt like I needed to make up for the mass consumptions of the holiday weekend.

My mom lounging in the pool.

The boys teaching my dad and uncle to play beer pong (and yelling at them for their ELBOWS)

Heidi tried to cool off. She gets stressed when school starts back up and the house is empty all day so she bites her paws. Then she gets to look super embarrassing in the Cone of Shame. Other dogs point and laugh. My dad likes to tell people when she looks in the right direction we get HBO.

I yelled at Heidi for partaking in underage drinking, but she told me she is 54 in dog years so it’s totally legal. Touché dingo.

Another exciting thing happened over the weekend (besides my craptastic 2 mile run on Monday. 90 degrees + running + pre-run pancakes = death). Jas and I got to head back to our BEAUTIFUL alma mater because my little brother just started his first year of college!

That’s the face of 4 whole years of fun ahead.

And that is the face of pure, bitter envy. I don’t blame you J… 

After lunch at Wahoos Fish Tacos (I scarfed down my Grilled Fish Banzai Burrito way too fast to take a picture), we took Michael back and J and I braved the craziness of Venice beach for about 23.6 minutes.

Drinking iced tea from the coffee shop we used to work at on campus.

Fancy skulls and coffins. If only I had a place to put them.

Jason better watch out because there were some fine fellas out there on the boardwalk:

Then we paid $1 for 20 smelly sticks and went home to suburbia where I can walk alone at night and never have to pay for parking. And had Yogurtland. The end.

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