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Hey it’s been a while. Remember me?

I’ve missed my little blog! I disappeared for a while and I don’t know if anyone is even still reading but I’m back!

That's me #nameonawall #famous

That’s me #nameonawall #famous

A lot has happened since we left off back in June. I took my little hiatus for no reason other than I was busy settling into a new routine and wasn’t really doing much running over the Summer. But now I’m back to running and needing an outlet in a major way because on top of training for Marathon #2 I’m in the middle of a pretty big project:



That’s right! Jason put a ring on it and we couldn’t be happier! He popped the question on October 26, 2012 and we’re planning our wedding for January 18, 2014. I’m so incredibly happy and excited to be marrying my best friend!

There will still be plenty of running stories on this blog, especially now that J has been converted to the dark side and will be joining me for 26.2 miles this March. I’m also going through a bit of a blog identity crisis and thinking of changing up some things in the near future (new name perhaps?). There will also be¬†plenty¬†of wedding-related posts I’m sure. I try to not post every single detail on Facebook, but at least on my blog I will have documented proof when I come up with wedding colors/themes/decor/food plans first (JK (but not really)).

So get excited because now that I’m marathon training, wedding planning, working all day and continuously learning to live as a real human adult, I need this outlet more than ever.

Welcome BAAAACK!!!





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