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PR Playlist

On Thursday, I’ll be running my last race as a 24-year-old.

I walked over to the craft store during lunch break today to see if I could find a turkey hat to run in but they only had penguins and reindeer. I’m all over the Christmas music and Starbucks red cups, but why is there no love for the turkey 3 days before his big day?

Since I couldn’t find any turkey apparel, I decided to make a Turkey Dash 5k PR Playlist for the race. With the weather looking like it’s going to be on my good side on Thursday and the added benefit of 3.1 miles now being “short” in my list of running distance, I think a PR is in the cards for my last day of not being 1/4 of a century.

Thank you weather gods!

My best 3-mile run at home I came in with a time of 28:45 and I sprinted the last 2 minutes as hard as I could. Why? Because I got super pumped up by The Killers’ song “Mr. Brightside” and totally pictured Cam jamming to the song in her PJ’s with a glass of wine before falling madly in love with Jude Law (anyone else love The Holiday and watch it year round? Just me? OK.)

So naturally, I needed this song to start up right around the 25/26 minute mark so I can know exactly when I need to really start kicking to get to the finish line.

After much tweaking, calculating, and realizing that a 3:46 song was actually 3.75 minutes on the calculator and not 3.45 like i originally thought, I’ve now got this 5k PR Playlist ready to go for Thursday:

If I start hearing Cute Without The “E” before the tag is being cut off my shoe, I’m going to spend my Thanksgiving very mopey and drowning my sorrows in gravy. So here’s hoping I end 24 on a high note!



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Morning Runs and What I’m Doing Tonight

This morning started out with a very early 4.5 miles with my dad at 5:30. We did it in 47 minutes and I didn’t get a single side cramp. I think I’ve finally knocked out that problem after reading up on some tips to prevent them. Then I got home and actually put some effort in to getting ready (I blow dried my hair even!) because J and I are off to see these guys tonight:


They’ve been opening for Taylor Swift on her tour but thankfully J scored some tickets to their secret show in Hollywood for about what it would have cost us to park at Staples Center.

Tomorrow morning I’m up bright and early for another 4.5er then we’re off to Disneyland for FREE! Thank you friends who work for the Mouse.




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