Stupid Foot

So my foot has been numb for a couple weeks now. That’s not normal right?


Rather than go to someone with a PhD and have them tell me (again) how running is bad for your joints and blah blah blah I decided to just let the people at Roadrunner Sports diagnose me. The guy said it could be a combination of my shoelaces being too tight and landing on my forefoot rather than my midfoot. So I did what he said and took a week off of running to ice and cross train and hopefully get the feeling back. And yes that is a frozen wine bag on my foot in the above picture.

So this past week was spent doing some of this:


And a little of this:


And maybe a tiny bit of sulking and temper tantruming on Saturday when my dad and Jason went out on a 10 mile run in perfect weather without me.

So tonight I’m off to run for the first time in a week and I’m pretty freaking excited about it. Wish me luck and pray to the RunGods that I can feel my toes after.



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2 responses to “Stupid Foot

  1. Just stumbled accross your blog and had to comment! Icing with a frozen wine bag cracked me up! I was doing that just last week, and before that it was frozen peas and carrots. Too funny!

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